Portrait of a president

I never thought I could actually like a portrait of George W. Bush, but this one isn’t bad. Go ahead and click on the link — the overall portrait is fine, and you may not notice anything at all disturbing (well, except for the fact that it is George W. Bush) on seeing it. You might not want to click on the links to details in the image, though; this picture is a collage made from pictures of anuses snipped out of porn magazines.

It ain’t pretty, but it’s art that speaks the truth.


  1. says

    George W. Bush is an irresistible subject for portraiture. Here he is depicted as a mosaic of portraits of American dead from the Iraq war. Remember that? [Link]

  2. Carlie says

    What an appropriate use of porn! When’s he doing Cheney?

    Given that the word “Cheney” has become a synonym for another porn act, that statement could get quite interesting. :)

  3. AllanW says

    The only problem I have with this picture is that for ultimate veracity equine not human anuses should have been used.

  4. Ropty says

    It is not just anuses. It is various naughty parts, and at least one naughty act that I found.

  5. Enzyme says

    *Psssst. They’re not all anuses.*

    Naughty. And to think that the artist is the son of a Tory MP and ex-Cabinet minister, too.

  6. Kadin says

    Have you seen this review of Expelled, PZ? Apparently, you and the other scientists were all chosen to be filmed because of your “eccentric” appearances! That has to be a boost to your self-esteem!

  7. True Bob says

    It would be True Pron if it were a collage picture of an anus made from pics of shrubco.

  8. says

    Almost his entire right ear is a picture of Monica in the oval office! Like others have noted, your description of the artwork was not exactly accurate, but still tempting enough for further review. Since this is a science based blog, many of us felt the need to study the topic more intimately.


  9. Ray C. says

    #15 me: OK, I wrote Papa Romeo Zero November. I try to be funny and some rassafraggin’ filter makes me look like an idiot.

  10. Quiet Desperation says

    I think the effectiveness of the statement is lessened somewhat if it needs to be explained. The artist should have maybe made it a little more visually obvious. Ah, but everyone’s an art critics, yes?

    Heh heh… Bizarro Bush… Actually, Derek, I think *our* Bush is the Bizarro Bush.

    “Me fight terrorists! Now me go attack country without terrorists! Me helping!”

    Or maybe he’s Mr. Mxyzptlk here to cause problems.

  11. says

    Go to the bottom of the page and underneath the last image is a download link. That’ll take you to where you can download the portrait. Hope that helps. BTW: I’ve gotta say it:
    Dark Helmet: “I’m surrounded by @$$holes!”

    “Don’t Panic.” -Douglas Adams

  12. says

    On my Imac I can just hold control and roll the middle button to zoom on anything. Also, there are a few detail view buttons you can click on to get zoom. To the guy who said he thought that ‘it ought to be more obvious’, I think it would be if you were actually standing in front of it.


  13. says

    For Derek:

    “Goodbye, me am Bizarro Bush! 9/11 happen and me am attacking Saudi Arabia where hijackers come from! Me introduce department of reason-based initiatives! This am such crazy world! Hello.”

  14. CalGeorge says

    Blow up to poster size.


    Write fancy gift letter on fancy stationary offering limited edition print to Bush “Library”.

    Send to “Library” shills, er, adminstrators.

    Hope against hope that they will cluelessly mount on “Library” wall somewhere.

  15. Joe says

    Nice portrait. I see it’s been exhibited on Greek Street:
    Lazarides gallery, 8 Greek Street, London W1, August 2007”

  16. negentropyeater says

    The left ear is made with a blowjob, but I don’t think it’s Monica giving it.

  17. J. K. says

    One has to feel sorry for a self-described “godless liberal” like PZ Myers; give him a stage and an audience and he can’t help showing everyone how base and filthy his thoughts are. To make matters worse, he actually seems to be saying “Come join me down here in the gutter! Its great fun playing in the muck!”

    Fortunately for our society, most of us say “No thanks!” We prefer to follow those who exhort us to be better, to help our fellow man.

    Of course, today is a very important day in the history of “godless liberalism”. A very effective expose of the dogma of Darwinism opens in theaters nationwide (1,000 screens, I understand). It will be very interesting to see the effect of a strong dose of sanitizing light on the man-made theory of evolution.

    I see that the indignant howling has already started! What are you afraid of? Is it the fact that there is a God and you may have to give up your immoral lifestyle?

    Well, there is good news for you. It is never too late to repent and turn back to God. Just look at the example of the thief who was crucified with Jesus: certainly his repentance came at the last minute, but God still accepted him (according to Jesus).

    I speak with some authority here: I was once a “godless liberal”. The priests of Darwinism had led me astray when I was young and impressionable. Thankfully for me, God placed many good people in my life, who constantly exhorted me to look at both sides of issues so that I would discover the truth.

    To all “God deniers”: don’t be afraid of the search for truth! See the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” and decide for yourself.

    God be with you!

  18. Tyler says

    One has to feel sorry for a self-described “godless liberal” like PZ Myers

    Yes, it is definitely the “godless liberals” that deserve our pity.

  19. L.K. says

    This is degrading to women.

    If it were Andrea Dworkin, now, it could be real satire – but I imagine all of those porn models suddenly rubbing their bums and thinking, ‘what the hell was that!?’

  20. Rey Fox says

    “give him a stage and an audience and he can’t help showing everyone how base and filthy his thoughts are.”

    Sex is icky!

    “Is it the fact that there is a God and you may have to give up your immoral lifestyle?”

    What immoral lifestyle? What supposed immoral deeds can you pin on any of us? I mean, just out of curiosity, if you happen to not be a hit-and-run troll.


    Seriously, I think the portrait of Bush made up of dead soldiers made much more of a point. This is just shock material. And I’m not very shocked by anuses anymore.

  21. another says

    You know, I don’t follow the commenters here closely enough to know if J.K. of #37 is joking or not.

    So, if it is a joke: LOL.

    If it was meant to be serious: ROFLMAO!

  22. says

    It needs more asshole!

    Posted by: mjfgates

    Any more asshole than that and the whole damned thing will collapse into a black hole.

    All I can say about that image is I always knew he was a fuckhead. It’s interesting to see it so beautifully portrayed.

  23. junk science says

    J.K., as in Just Kidding.

    That’s a little too subtle for me. The speech itself is indistinguishable from the average miserable creotard rant. I can’t find the slightest hint of irony in the entire thing.

  24. Furly says

    I find it offensive that someone has debased perfectly good pornography in this way

  25. Rey Fox says

    “J.K., as in Just Kidding.”

    Or J.K. as in J.K. Rowling. No, any satirist is going to have tip their hand a lot more obviously than that.

  26. brokenSoldier says

    That’s a little too subtle for me. The speech itself is indistinguishable from the average miserable creotard rant. I can’t find the slightest hint of irony in the entire thing.
    Posted by: junk science | April 18, 2008 3:32 PM

    Ah, but this is where the greatest irony lies. When someone has to come up with a law (Poe’s, to be exact) in order to explain how a world-view is undistinguishable in any and every sense from pure, unadulterated – and, might I say, hilarious – satire, then methinks there might be something wrong with that world-view.

    But, of course, my above statement is merely the infantile attempt of a godless liberal to discredit a worthy set of beliefs, right?

  27. brokenSoldier says

    See, this picture is proof positive that Bush is definitely not an a**hole… He’s actually a stunning multitude of them rolled into one!

  28. Hap says

    I sort of figured the picture was simply redundant as rendered. While the picture of W made of smaller pictures of soldiers killed in Iraq is probably more poignant, I wonder if his adherents don’t take it as a complement and endorsement – “Look, I am standing on the shoulders of thousands of dead soldiers to bring you Freedom(TM) – if these men and women were willing to die for my lies and untruths, the least you could do is sacrifice your intelligence and your children for them.”

  29. jsn says

    /…this picture is a collage made from pictures of anuses …/

    OMG, I can’t resist: PZ, you obviously don’t know dick.

    (I keeeeed, I keeeeeeed)

    #37,JK: can you say “repressed”?

  30. Skwee says

    Not all of the pictures are of anuses. For instance, his right ear depicts fellatio. :)

  31. Rey Fox says

    Is it true? Am I intolerant of extreme presidential malfeasance? The shame! I may as well join the Klan now!

  32. Aegis says

    “That’s really stupid ….FRESH.”

    Fixed that for you. As for me, I find the closeups far more attractive on the “hole” than the full image.

  33. Chappelle says

    The truth being that the “artist” is very familiar with anuses? The artist IS an anus?

    Seems accurate either way.