1. extatyzoma says

    so this human/pig intercourse thing, it all started on the ark of course.

    ham is merely engaging in what he believes to be true and of course as the ark was so crowded it was quite possible that noah himself was accidentally set upon by a boar in those hot and steamy rooms in the ships basement. so the facts are as follows:noah got screwed by a boar, biblical litearlists feel they must take it as gospel and so enjoy hamming it up themselves. and its all true because nobody can prove its not true, I WIN!!!!

  2. AlanWCan says

    hey extatyzoma: …in fact call it a matter of faith and they have to respect it right? Their rules not mine ;-)

  3. Schmeer says

    Calling someone a “pig f*cker” always was a favorite insult for me. Ken Ham, pig f*cker.

  4. says

    Calling someone a “pig f*cker” always was a favorite insult for me. Ken Ham, pig f*cker.

    Let me fix that for you

    Calling someone a “pig fucker” always was a favorite insult for me. Ken Ham, pig fucker.

    Ken Ham fucks piglets. Do you think his favorite movie is Babe?

  5. Curt Cameron says

    The second illustration on that page is from the Straight Dope article Does a pig have a corkscrew-shaped penis?

    I regret to report that hours of diligent research have failed to turn up an actual photograph of the pig’s amazing Roto-Rooter. For some reason, publishers of livestock breeding manuals prefer to publish lavish photo spreads of pigs’ anuses, for which I cannot confess to having any particular fascination. Fortunately, cartoonist Slug Signorino, being the sensitive artistic genius that he is, has managed to come up with the lifelike representation shown here, which gives you the basic idea.

    The genius of the illustration is that the corkscrew-shaped penis, on its other end, is responsible for the pig’s curly tail.

  6. says

    (red-faced and furious)….you….


    I mean, think of all the Suidae you’ve sullied by this oblique comparison!

    (slamming of mental door)




    (soooooooooeeee…here boy…..sooooooeeee….)

  7. Steve Ulven says

    I cannot believe you posted this. This is truly the funniest thing ever. I’m gonna have to get ahold of that paper when I get home. Ha!

  8. raven says

    Can’t the pig file charges for rape or sexual abuse or something?

    Ham is reaching far above his class if he thinks any pig would ever love a low life like him.

  9. negentropyeater says

    From Answersingenesis website :

    “Ken is heard daily on the radio feature “Pig raping … with Ken Ham” (broadcast on more than 900 stations–and dozens more worldwide), and is a frequent guest on national TV talk-show programs.”

    “Ken is also able to reflect on some of the “hot button” topics of our day (eg how to break into a Pig’s ass) and relate them to the Book of Genesis. In addition, he provides biblical and scientific answers to some of the most difficult questions people ask about pig raping.”

    “Ken writes articles and helps edit AiG’s “Pig Raper magazine”. He has also produced a number of very popular video and audio series. These include “Pig Raping Academy”, a 13-week Sunday school curriculum written to help participants answer the questions our Western culture is asking about the benefits and advantages of this wonderful and highly respectful practice.”

    “Another important DVD series, Pig Raping 101, was produced in 2006. This 11-session series includes Ken and his brother, Steve, and it covers topics, questions, insights, and practical parenting tips meant to encourage and equip parents to teach their children how to become well respected pig rapists.”

    Sorry, Ken, for the quote mining…

  10. mayhempix says

    Verifiable evidence that if you’re fucked by a pig (or Ken Ham) you are litereally “screwed”.

  11. Moggie says

    Ken Ham has never been shy about telling people what they should believe and how they should behave, but he’s never spoken about man/piglet relations. I find this silence very telling.

  12. says

    Be advized though, PZ: The AIG people have gone after others for less.

    They’ll play the victims, again, and all the negative stereotypes about non-believers will only be reinforced.

    Well, it turns out that you just can’t overestimate the hypocrisy of AiG. Never one to pass up an opportunity to beg for money, the organization used this little tempest in a teapot in one of their recent fundraising letters. The letter starts off:

    Dear friend,

    How would you like it if you went to a website and saw our wonderful After Eden cartoon strips – featuring AiG’s website address – but the cartoons presented:
    sexual acts
    incredibly blasphemous statements
    homosexual behavior
    ‘R’ to ‘X’-rated language – even depicting God with sexual organs

    We just had to deal with such a shocking, disgusting situation. For the sake of the name of our Lord, His Word and the integrity of AiG’s name, we had to involve attorneys. Let me fill you in about an incredible episode involving some ‘God-haters.’

    And so it continues. What’s most incredible, however, is that the fundraising letter includes a reproduction of one of the parodies without attribution and without permission of the author. And this is in the same letter that they’re complaining about copyright infringement!

  13. Tom says

    Great tongue-twister to try when you’re buzzed:

    I am not the fig plucker, I’m the fig plucker’s son,
    But I will pluck your figs until the fig plucker comes.

  14. negentropyeater says


    what I found the most despicable about Ken Ham, is not only that he tells people what they should believe, how they should behave, but that in doing so he is such a wilfully dishonest quote mining liar.

    I will give you an example from his latest book, of which I found the first pages on his website :

    He starts (!) with this quote from S.J.Gould, from his book Ontogeny and Phylogeny :

    “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.”

    Now the reader, from this quote, may think that Gould is actually in agreement with Ham, ie Evolution spreads racism.

    But do you think Ham did not read the whole paragraph from which this quote is taken ;

    “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory. The litany is familiar: cold, dispassionate, objective, modern science shows us that races can be ranked on a scale of superiority. If this offends Christian morality or a sentimental belief in human unity, so be it; science must be free to proclaim unpleasant truths. But the data were worthless. We never have had, and still do not have, any unambiguous data on the innate mental capacities of different human groups–a meaningless notion anyway since environments cannot be standardized. If the chorus of racist arguments did not follow a constraint of data, it must have reflected social prejudice pure and simple–anything from an a priori belief in universal progress among apolitical but chauvinistic scientists to an explicit desire to construct a rationale for imperialism.”

    Of course, Ham did read it, and knows very well, what Gould actually really meant, ie racism reflects social prejudices and nothing more. But it doesn’t seem to matter to him, as he will stop at nothing to give the impression that one of the world’s most vocal defender of Evolution, actually concluded that Evolution fuelled racism.

    Now what can be the only reply to such a dishonest liar who spreads false information ?

    PZ is right, do the same with him : he is a pig rapist. Puncto Basta. He earned it !

  15. says

    ‘R’ to ‘X’-rated language – even depicting God with sexual organs

    Oh come now AIG. There’s plenty of evidence of God’s sexual organs. Look around and see how fucked the world is.

  16. Curt Cameron says

    Didn’t God make Adam in his own image? I’d expect God to have a truly fearsome penis! And since he didn’t have a Goddess, a really well-toned right arm.

  17. extatyzoma says

    i can imagine this thread being linked to from various creationist sites as a good demonstration of just how disgraceful, uncouth and immoral evolutionists can be…………..just like anybody else!!!!!!

  18. Carlie says

    I….have no words. I had no idea such a thing occurred, thinking that bestiality always went in the other direction, so to speak. How on earth did the guy get the boar to be interested in him, I wonder?

  19. J says

    You know what? Something just occurred to me.

    There are more peer-reviewed research papers on the subject of traumatic anal intercourse with a pig than on intelligent design.

  20. Lyle G says

    Conservatives of the Abrahamic religions insist that God is MALE. Only extreme liberals and pagans speak of a female deity – of COURSE God had sexual organs!!!

  21. chuckgoecke says

    I believe that there are are also more peer-reviewed articles on unusual objects found in human rectums than intelligent design. I guess the whole subject of ID could be considered one big cephlo-rectal insertion study, though.

  22. Betz says

    If Ham et. al. had gone with Passages in Genesis or some such, it would be PiG instead of AiG. So close, dammit!

  23. John Scanlon, FCD says

    Hey PeeZed, don’t tar all Australians with the same curly brush. In fact, it’s barely legitimate to consider that pig-fucker Ham an Aussie at all. I came across a useful concept on another thread recently, discussing divergent opinions in the US vs. Europe on firearm possession: Ken Ham is, deep down, an American born in the wrong country.

    J’s comment #27 is pure genius. When I saw it on Tet Zoo I made a large print-out of it. It’s true I don’t often get overt cdesign proponentsists on my fossil-lab tours, but now I’ll have something handy to refer to when it happens. No need to say anything, just hold up the sign.