And what else lacks evidence…?

Ali G interviews four people with opinions about religion. It’s a bit hit or miss, but listen for the bit at the end.

Ali G wonders why so many nuns work as strippers on the side, and the easily offended Catholic priest says, “I don’t think you can demonstrate that statistically…it’s an absurd statement that you’ve just made. …

I would really prefer that you move off this topic because I find it offensive. It’s not documented by any kind of evidence. It’s hearsay.”

Hilarious irony there.


  1. Ric says

    Well said, Andy. Sasha Baron Cohen is indeed one of the great comic geniuses and artists of irony of our time.

  2. says

    Heh. Some of his religious interviews were hilarious.

    Say, anyone know what the heck’s up with Scientia Natura?
    Has Shalini been hacked?

  3. says

    “There’s no evidence for it” (nun strippers) from a Catholic priest? No evidence? Is that a disabling criticism for him? LOLOL!!!

  4. SteveC says

    This is funny, but really really old.

    BTW, is it just me, or does the priest sound almost exactly like Adam West? (campy Batman from the 50’s. Weird, eh?)

  5. Matt says

    Ali G: “Would you marry a Jewish girl?”
    Catholic: “I’ve decided not to marry. I’ve chosen-”
    Ali G: “What, just to play around?”

    Heheh, this is one of my favourite Ali G clips, the one with Hovind is well worth a look too.

  6. SteveC says

    AG: Let’s talk about the main man, the Mac Daddy of the Christian faith… what was his name again?

    Priest: Jesus. Christ.


  7. AlanWCan says

    “…that’s an absurd statement you just made…”
    But the following are fine:
    Moses parted the red sea.
    Manna from heaven (which exists).
    Jesus was conceived of a virgin.
    Jesus turned water into wine.
    Loaves and fishes.
    Lots of leper healing and demon casting out.
    Exorcism in general.
    Jesus walked on water.
    Jesus, the Son of God who became man through the Virgin Mary, was nailed to the cross to die for man’s sin and was raised three days after his burial.
    Oh, and he’s a catholic? So, Mary ascended bodily into heaven (again, which exists).
    and the most unbelievable of them all: “No, I did not touch that altar boy”
    Irony meter has assploded.

  8. says


    You forgot–not only did he himself rise from the dead, he brought someone else back from the dead, just by using his words.

  9. Copernic says

    Regarding nun strippers….
    …and the priest says
    “It’s not documented by any kind of evidence. It’s hearsay.”

    Ali G should have responded.

    “Hey, I gots me four boys who says dey seen it, the stripper nuns. My posse don’t ‘hearsay’ no’tin’.
    My boys Matt, Mark, Luke, and John. Dey tell me and I know it tru’dat.”

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    One has the option
    of treating his brother
    as thought he felt
    both were as one.
    The fact that they’re not
    is worth more than naught,
    when considering where they have gone.

    Having seen from each side
    I can’t reasonably decide
    who should give and
    get favor on Earth.
    All I know is my knowledge
    of how we began
    in no way impugns your worth.

    But if you imply
    that me, I mean I,
    ought, should, or really must yield
    to your myths and your claims,
    “How ’bout mine?” I declaim,
    “They’re the same,
    ‘Cept important details.”

    end poet mode engage wonder mode

    As altruistic as I normally feel, I am put off by people who wave their hands about spasticly, as if trying to be Aggies while not knowing how a steer is made.
    Is it just me? I know, I’m intolerant. But why this incessant hand signaling? Am I missing something important?

  11. SEF says

    was raised three days after his burial

    It wasn’t even a real three days of deadness. At most it’s only three in the sense of a musical third, counting both ends rather than the gap, and more of a technicality (accident of notation) or further diminished one at that!

    Even within the story context it’s possible that zombie Jesus only spent a day being dead. We know (from a previous tale) that the alleged deity is one character who definitely doesn’t work on the 7th day, not even to do creational or recreational things. So with the Jesus bod dying on Friday evening, that put resurrecting him out of bounds for a (Jewish) day.

    Meanwhile, the crucifixion story ends with them turning up on the Sunday morning. So we know they weren’t camped out at the tomb in vigil, but went to bed that Saturday night. Which means zombie Jesus could have been up and about pretty quickly after the Sabbath was over and had plenty of night-time to go in search of brains before his absence was noticed.

  12. Dianne says

    he brought someone else back from the dead

    Pish. No big deal. I’ve brought several people back from the “dead” using nothing but words, intubation, 200-360 J of electricity, and/or a few vials of epinephrine. But you know how it is: Cure one person with a terminal disease, get beatified. Cure two, get sainted. Cure three and get a case series published.

  13. tybowen says

    The vehemence from the priest denial of stripper nuns makes me think its a serious problem in their church. We know they hide child molesters why not strippers?

  14. Azkyroth says

    Ali G wonders why so many nuns work as strippers on the side

    But it makes perfect sense. Nuns are the “brides of Christ.” Jesus is god. God is omnipresent. They’re just putting on a show for their husband, and all those pervs ogling them are intruding!


  15. B Wood says

    Stripper Nuns? I tell my catholic friend that he’ll freak out. Granted that’ll be because as he puts it, all the nuns he knew were old and crusty looking, and the concept of a hot nun is bizzare to him.