1. DocBot says

    Yes, it’s well past time you took back your tv.


    A concerned (metaphorical) neighbour.

  2. Anon Ymous says

    uggghhh… hate being unable to view videos at work… (I’m assuming any big white space is video?)

    Will someone tell me what was it was all about?


  3. says

    “We’ve all given an impromptu backrub to the Chancellor of Germany!”

    Priceless line but a moment that was embarrassing as hell.

  4. says

    I saw Roy Zimmerman perform last month in Mill Valley, California. The guy’s a genius with lyrics and styling, and has great guitar and singing quality and range.

    I met him before his concert, and I pointed out that he was the only “Z” in Wiki’s list of American atheists. He told me that he hadn’t known that, but the knowledge made him “feel a little lonely.”

  5. Anon says

    Roy is an absolute hero of mine. I have seen him a couple of times–had lunch with him once. Bought two copies of everything he had available at the time.

    Everyone should. Support this voice!

  6. says

    Well if that’s not one of his best, I’d be content with listening to not-his-best stuff like that any time!

    Just love it.

  7. Bill Dauphin says

    Never noticed before this one just how solid a singing voice he has.

    This is an occupational hazard for satirical/topical musicians, I think. I remember being shocked, when a friend introduced me to their album of “straight” folk music, to realize that the Smothers Brothers were truly gifted musicians, and not just jokers.

  8. Donalbain says

    When does the funny start? There have been a few videos of this guy posted here, and each one just gets more toe curlingly awful than the last.

  9. says

    The metaphor would have been even more apt if the thief had sodomised the TV, smashed it up, and then plundered it for parts.