1. aiabx says

    I think Atheist Santa sounds the best too. I want periodic table blocks and a model Archaopteryx. Pagan Santa would have been cooler if he had burnt parents in wicker cages.

  2. Todd says

    Parent Appreciation Santa all the way.

    On second thought, I’m keeping the Wii for myself. Go play your crappy PS2.

  3. says

    The seminary I used to go to would not put up Santa’s, not because of the Christ in Christmas thing, but because they said Santa was designed in the current form by Coke Cola, which many opposed due to human rights violations.
    Instead, they had poler bears, which funny enough were also an invention of Coke for advertising purposes. Everyone knows the only real white bears wear armor and kill people, not drink soda and cuddle with seals.

  4. ShavenYak says

    Well, my little girl would love Atheist Santa. That model Archaeopteryx would be right up her alley. I don’t think she’d be into the periodic table blocks quite yet, though.

  5. Sengkelat says

    Hey, written by Lore Sjoberg. I went to junior high with him. Small world.

    Atheist Santa sounds like he has the best gifts. I wouldn’t mind a model Archeopteryx to go with my model Pteranodon and my model Quetzalcoatlus.

  6. PipeUp says

    Ooh! Ooh! I want a visit from Pagan Santa! Who wouldn’t want a strange man in a breechcloth and antlers recreating battles with the Oak King in their very own home? And as a bonus, he frightens those pesky children right out of the room! Sounds like a dream Xmas to me.

  7. Bride of Shrek says

    Round my house we have “Couldn’t be Arsed Santa”. You know, the one who really couldn’t give acrap about Christmas, its 35 odd degrees outside and too damn hot to do anything but lie in a pool of yor own sweat, the shops are crazy, you can’t get a park and when you finally get back to the car its about 80 degrees inside and the seatbelt leaves you with third degree burns, you hate all the pressie you get, you’re the stupid bugger that has to get up at 6 to cook a friggin turkey in the heat that no one really wants but would send up wails of distress if you didn’t do and someone always has the cheek to complain because you forgot one of the three million components that make up a Christmas lunch.

    Oh hang on, thats not “Couldn’t be Arsed Santa” thats me, “Fuck Christmas and the Horse it Road in On”” Bride of Shrek.

    Bah Humbug.

  8. Bride of Shrek says

    Oh, and Mr Shrek, I know you’re probably reading this at work so I just want to say if you buy me a kitchen appliance again this year, you’re a dead ogre.

  9. MikeM says

    Lore is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever gained knowledge of.

    I reeeeeally miss Brunching Shuttlecocks.

  10. bernarda says

    Perhaps OT, but imagine you lived in a country which had a semi-civilized political class.

    “New Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has answered “no” when asked on BBC radio if he believed in God.

    The rapid-fire question and answer format on 5 Live meant the 40-year-old did not have the chance to elaborate.

    He later said he had “enormous respect for people who have religious faith”, that his wife is Catholic and that his children are being brought up Catholic.

    Last month, former PM Tony Blair said he had not talked much about his faith for fear of being labelled a “nutter”.”

  11. Jim A says

    …The rapid-fire question and answer format on 5 Live meant the 40-year-old did not have the chance to elaborate.

    That’s the thing, not believing in god requires no further elabaration. Once you say you believe in God all the questions start: One or many? Jehova, Jesus, Allah, etc? Orthodox, Catholic, or Zen? The non-existance of God may be an unprovable assertion, but it sure is simpler than explaining exactly what flavor of God you believe in.