Cyber Scholars?

Those sneaky alumni organizations — they’ve always got new angles on how to get to you. The alumni magazine for the University of Oregon has a writeup on me and a current member of the UO faculty, Mark Thoma. Apparently, we are Cyber Scholars, professors who use the blogosphere to teach the world. I think we need some new academic robes to go with that designation — preferably something in silver fabrics, and with a jetpack.


  1. says

    No, no, a jetpack would be space opera or a Jetsons future. A Cyber Scholar gets a trenchcoat, a simstim deck and a voiceover written in imitation of Raymond Chandler.

    Oh, we’re also going to have to redecorate Morris with generic kanji lettering, bulk up your neon light quotient and install a dirigible which circles town proclaiming over a loudspeaker, “A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. . . .”

  2. Kseniya says

    preferably something in silver fabrics, and with a jetpack.

    Nice image, but it will more likely be something in an XKCD t-shirt, and with a USB hub installed at the base of your skull.

  3. says

    70 MILLION Blogs

    Holy cyberspace Batman!!!

    It’s getting like the island in the Pacific where everyone makes their living taking in each others wash.

    And 120,000 new ones each day?…that’s just CRAZY!!!

  4. Ray says

    Cool idea about the jetpack, but I want my flying car! The science prognosticators have been promising one for nigh on 50 years! If you are now a cyber scholar maybe you can get that project moving. Hehehehe


  5. denise says

    I’m thinking you need a robe more reminiscent of the lecturer in recent runes, or perhaps a pointy hat with some sequined squids on it. anyway… Now that you are now considered to be teaching the world, don’t you wish it came with a raise?

  6. Alethias says

    How about a squid emblem on your tassel in honor of cthulu? The tentacles of online scholarship reach out and touch you in your home. Seems appropriate to me.

  7. stogoe says

    Capes are just fine, unless you’re in the superhero business. Then I agree – no capes.

    (Bloggers aren’t in the superhero business; they just think they are.)

  8. Barn Owl says

    I think a lot of people start blogs, write a few posts, and then forget about the blog or lose interest. I know I’m guilty of this cyber-negligence; blogging consistently over a protracted period requires a special kind of persistence, regardless of the main topics.

    Maybe there should be a neologism for abandoned blogs, or for the process of neglecting a blog. Blogligence? Blogslaughter? Deadbleating? Blorphans?

  9. Desert Donkey says

    Since both PZ and Thoma are on my very short daily blog read list (and I am a UO alum) …. this make me feel like all is right in the universe. And to think that I almost threw my alumni mag in the recycling without even cracking the cover.

    Congrats to both you and Mark, PZ.