1. says

    That’s just sweet, and I get to find out that he’s edited a new book by one of my favorite (see? I drop the u in polite company south of the border) authors, Robert Charles Wilson. In other news, I get to find out that one of my favorite authors has a new book out! He’s totally underrepresented in the science fiction section, though. I haven’t even seen Spin, and I’ve been looking in the Ws for ages, even though he was awarded a Hugo for that.

    (Now if I can just get Czerneda to send me the bookmark she owes me, my day will be complete!)

    Why are you so happy about it in particular, PZ? How do you know him? Is it just because he lists you under “Mad Scientists”, which is pretty high praise itself from a science fiction editor, or is there more history here than I know? All I can find here at the mo’ is an old article about him being part of a discussion on ‘the hideous St. Pat’s Cathedral’.

  2. scote says

    “I’ve wondered since security has gotten so arbitrary and weird — do the Hugo winners have trouble getting home, since they have to fly with what looks like a small metallic missile in their luggage?”

    Have you seen the photo after the link with all the winners sitting with Hugos on their laps? It looks like a V|agra commercial–er, or something…

  3. cory says

    DAMN YOU, SCOTE! I had a nice “missle” double entendre all fueled and ready for liftoff and now it has gone all soft and squishy on me.


  4. says

    I’ll find out Tuesday. One of the winners is a friend of mine in Seattle who couldn’t be here so I’m taking it back for him. I’ll try to remember to let you know.


  5. Brian says

    Was it Arthur C. Clarke who mentioned having a difficult experience of taking a Hugo award through baggage check, back in the 1970s? I can’t imagine what it’s like now.