1. Lucyv says

    Black squid – white squid. It’s Good vs Evil!
    Looks like a cute embrace to me, an illustration of my depravedness.

  2. Russell says

    What a cute couple.

    It reminds me, unfortunately, of a pet peeve. Every once in a while, some nature show or benighted columnist will talk about animals feeling the desire to reproduce, using this not just as a turn of phrase, but going on in the discussion of animal behavior as if the horny subjects of it had the faintest gleam of where their activity would lead, as if animals were somehow smarter than human teenagers. I think it’s clear what the ones above are thinking is “she has the cutest fins,” and “oh, yes, more suckers!”

  3. Kaari says

    Those pimped-out purple lights on the suckers – girls are suckers for them. New moon and a Saturday night, they’ll be eating out of your. Um. Spermatophore.

  4. Neil says

    I have often wondered if sex isn’t more fun for other animals than for humans. Less brain power might mean less inhibition, more pleasure. I once saw two dogs screwing in the street get hit by a kid on a bicycle. Sure it stopped the fun for a moment, but only for a moment!

  5. truth machine says

    “Less brain power might mean less inhibition, more pleasure.”

    A good reason to get a woman too drunk to say no, eh?

    With dogs you don’t have to get them drunk, just in estrus. The rest of the time, bitches are really smart, but in estrus they become really stupid — stupid enough to enjoy sex and thus become receptive to it.

    If you think that’s the way it works, I wouldn’t be so confident that they have less brain power if I were you, Neil.

  6. says

    When my dogs went to humpin’, I usually go the water hose out. But what do you do with these two who live under an ocean full of water?