Our Friday itinerary

Here are our goals for today:

  • We’re going to spend the morning screwing around downtown, and are going to be at the Seattle Center International Fountain around noon.

  • Skatje wants to go to the zoo, so we’ll do that in the afternoon. Then around sixish we’ll be peckish and I tried to find a place not far from Woodland Park, and could not resist the idea of the Jolly Roger Taproom in Ballard. So that’s where we’ll try to be.

Keep in mind we’ll be stumbling about in an unfamiliar city and struggling to find parking, so timeliness is unlikely to be one of our virtues.

Oh, no…of all the blue-nosed asinine laws. We showed up at the pub, and unfortunately, absolutely no minors are even allowed inside, lest they might see an adult consuming a beverage that contains 3% alcohol. This put us in a spot, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t quite persuade myself that I could sit inside and meet a few nice people while my daughter (who is chronologically only almost 17) sat outside on the sidewalk. So my apologies to any of you who might have showed up earlier this evening.


  1. says

    Skatje wants to go to the zoo

    I had no idea, or I would have been all over this before now. The turnaround is now too short to arrange it, but next time you’re in town, we can get you a “backstage pass”. I’ll remember it next time you guys come back, and we can schedule something.

  2. Mark P says

    Based on the promo under “Chatter”, which truncates your first sentence, your morning sounds more interesting than mine.

  3. J Daley says

    Is hyperlinking disabled? I have a great link that you’d like that I can’t post, and I can’t find your propoer email address either.

  4. Rich says

    Please comment on the fried pickles at the Jolly Roger.
    Mmmmmm… fried pickles and beer!

  5. Steviepinhead says

    Sounds fun! If I can bust loose from work on time, and if I can resist the urge to blow nine bucks on a popcorn movie (too embarassed to give the whole name, but starts with T-R-A-N-S…), I’ll be there!

  6. Kseniya says

    Stevie, I admit, the trailer for that unnamed movie about those ummm Трансформерc was pretty exciting. My brother (age 18) saw the movie the other night, and proclaimed it “no more violent than ‘Code Lyoko’.”

    Uh-huh. Sure. :-)

  7. Rich says

    My son says that the 変圧器 all looked like they were built at a junkyard. From the commercials that I have seen, I am forced to agree. I’d rather spend the $10 on beer and fried pickles.

  8. stogoe says

    I have no PZed in my city, so I have nothing to distract me from going to see Michael Bay’s Giant RoboBrawlz. Besides maybe furiously re-reading Harry Potter 1-6 in anticipation.

    Except I already saw Giant RoboBrawlz. I can’t tell you what I thought of it, though, because I like watching movies. It was better than Die Hard 4, though. It had giant transforming robots.

  9. says

    “Where’s the SCIENCE in this propaganda blog?”

    Aww, poor Pumpkin wants some spoonfeeding.

    Sorry kid, but this ain’t church. Around here, we expect you to do a little work and excercise your noodle before you get the rewards.

  10. Rey Fox says

    “My son says that the 変圧器 all looked like they were built at a junkyard. ”

    By…a tornado?

  11. afterthought says

    Who gives a shit about your itinerary?!

    Where’s the SCIENCE in this propaganda blog?

    Such a nice [add any religion here] attitude too!

  12. says

    Have a great time! Have a deep-fried pickle and a dark ale for me.

    I am back from visiting cousins, where we went over old photos and lamented the failure of the ‘rents, in their younger days, to put names on the back of all those black-and-white photos.

    P.S. There were no dinosaurs in the pictures.

  13. Rich says

    #12 is obviously a very angry Xtian. Read some of his blog. Hilarious stuff. And he calls Pharyngula a propaganda blog. Pissed off, deluded puppy… Down boy.

  14. says

    Methinks Random Angry Xtian could work on his framing tactics a little, lest he’ll look like the oblivious jerkwad he probably is…

  15. Rich says

    Oh. Well. Um, Brownian… To clarify my earlier post, I was talikng to the non-person that used to occupy the #12 spot and not you. I’m sure that you understand. ;)

  16. says

    methinks we shouldn’t get rid of the trolls too fast. we could probably have a rather good time trashing the guys at the blog he linked…they looked like high quality trolls (high quality here denoting the kind which does not run out of steam that early). The Kansas Troll sure could use some competition… he got old and tiresome a pretty long time ago.

  17. ScienceBreath says

    I saw Transformers last night and while the first half was fun the second was rather unrelenting. I missed the whole Transformers phenomenon on TV (I grew up on Thunderbirds, UFO and Dr Who) so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

    Keep alert for this gem, uttered by an improbably-attractive signals analyst:

    “It’s time to forget Fourier transfers and start thinking quantum mechanics.”

    Yes. She said “transfers.”

  18. Anton Mates says

    Yes. She said “transfers.”

    Which ironically makes more sense than if she said “transforms,” since Fourier transforms are fairly important to QM. Fourier transfers simply don’t exist, so we can safely forget about them no matter what we’re thinking about!

  19. Dave C says

    Yep it’s really weird how you Americans fought for independence and then restricted the freedom of your young uns.
    wow I was having wine with supper at 9, only one glass mind but it helped develop a respect towards alcohol and added to the meal experience as a whole.
    Never understood the anal attitude by authorities to booze in the northern continent of the Americas. Back home you can get married at 16, join the army as a boy/girl soldier at 16 but you can’t have a beer. In the US you can die for your country at 18, vote for the next dickhead in charge and marry but can’t order a piss poor watered down excuse for a lager until you are 21.
    For the FSM’s sake you can pilot a 3 ton, petrol powered guided missile at 14 here while eating a sandwich and texting on your cell phone but tasteless fizzy piss is out of your reach.
    Go figure, where the hell is the logic in that?

  20. Larry B says

    Oh no! I wish I had been reading your blog more religiously. I would have warned you away from the Jolly Roger with a minor in tow, and probably to the Old Town Ale House only a few blocks away on Ballard Ave. They have a dining area where kids are allowed.

    WA liquor laws are random and stupid. And undoubtedly inspired by religionists.

  21. douq says

    Hey, PZ, try Ivar’s Salmon house, not the fast food Ivar’s all over Seattle, but hidden under the bridge Ivar’s – great alder real salmon if you can stand eating one of the sea’s critters. The racing canoes from the native American remind me why we rowed crew in boats from Seattle. Cheers.

  22. Leo says

    Boo-urns! Well, not a complete loss: I had an IPA and watched two innings of the Mariners game. Sorry I missed you this week, PZ.

  23. Rhubarb squeezin's says

    10 bucks the US invades Iran in the next 18 months.
    Who wants in?

  24. says

    “It’s time to forget Fourier transfers and start thinking quantum mechanics.”

    Perhaps they meant ‘Farrier Transfers’, an obvious reference to the uber-secret underground rail system for moving blacksmiths around metropolitan areas in times of crisis.


  25. Steviepinhead says

    I kind of wondered what had happened at the Jolly Roger–and I also vaguely wondered, until the first two or three Flagship Red Ales began to take hold, whether Skatje’s age might be a problem. It’s a bit of a mystery–there are some drinking places that are considered to be restaurants, where minors are welcome (though not, of course, allowed to drink) and others where they are not. There doesn’t seem to be any rigorous way to tell in advance…

    In any event, my son (fortunately 23, and he did get carded, which is perhaps what kicked off my vague speculations) and I had an enjoyable several drinks and a good meal at the Jolly Roger, which–for some unknown reason–I had never frequented before. Good food, but a litle on the expensive side.

    It was also fun eyeballing all the patrons, trying to imagine if they were PZ and Skatje in disguise. But we never really saw any good possibilities–not unless Paul had shaved his beard, put on a hundred pounds of muscle, and Skatje had acquired several tattoos…!

    Ah, well. Maybe next time.

  26. JohnnieCanuck, FCD says

    Well the drinking age is only 19 here just one border north of Seattle and the beer has a bit more going for it, but the laws are much the same.

    I once got ejected from such a place where I was trying to order fish and chips for takeout. It wasn’t because I was underage, it was the innocent child I brought in with me. I had to hold her up and she may well have already been drinking before we entered. In fact she could barely stand. She was a year or so old.

    “Sorry, no you can’t bring a child in here. You could make us lose our licence.” Embarassment all round.

    And yes it was religious clowns who set it up all those years ago and who still scare the politicos enough that it doesn’t get fixed. Them and all the civil servants whose jobs depend on it.

    Great weather though eh, PZ?