Will they come when you do call for them?

We’re scatter-brained touristas on vacation, so pinning us down to specific times and places is hard. However, we are going to be puttering about in downtown Seattle on Friday, and I think we can commit to one thing: lunch! We’re going to pop into the Food Court at Seattle Center House around noon, and since it promises to be a gorgeous sunny day, we’ll then hang out around the International Fountain, where I will practice calling spirits from the vasty deep.

I still have to get the family to agree to evening plans, and some of my party absolutely refuse to have anything to do with heaping platters of marine invertebrates, which complicates matters. If we can agree on something ahead of time (feel free to make suggestions), I’ll mention our Friday evening plans here, too.


  1. says

    Did you hear the one about the ornithologist who couldn’t attend the bird conference? She had to send her egrets.

    As do I for lunch (meetings and interviews out at the hospital all day), but if you decide on something for Friday night, I might be able to join you.

  2. Todd says

    What? You don’t force feed your children? What kind of a bad parent are you?

  3. Mephisto says

    It seems a right waste to be in Seattle and eat in the Center House food court. Food is one of the best things about Seattle! At least go to the Queen Anne Dick’s.

  4. Lisa says

    Better yet, stop by the Metropolitan Market at 1st N & Mercer (used to be Larry’s) – they have a fabulous deli – something for everyone, even vegan vertebrates. Carry your takeout to the fountain & enjoy both good food + this lovely weather we’re having.

  5. says

    Wah? But there’s an ocean right there! I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t hear that you stuck your head underwater to snag your own meal.

    At least, that’s what I’d do.

    Relegated to this prairie landscape as I am, I have to make do grazing on unmown lawns.

  6. says

    You’ll have to go to the Seattle Aquarium and ogle their cephalopods, of course! I haven’t been there in a while, but they used to have a really great cuttlefish exhibit, and they regularly have a Giant Pacific Octopus.

    Woodland Park Zoo is also good. Enjoy your time in Seattle!

  7. says

    Not far from Seattle Center is the newly opened sculpture park, near the waterfront. A pleasant stroll through nice grass and gardens, with several quite impressive and generally large pieces of art. There’s even a small cafe.