1. says


    Except the part about the line of people shuffling in to rape him. He doesn’t deserve that. But he deserves every second of those ten years and then some.

  2. Pygmy Loris says

    Awesome! Poor little Kent, it must be really hard when you commit yourlife to lies and it bites you on the ass.

  3. AL says

    The 2 People + 4000 years = 8 billion is a little off, since world pop. is at over 6 billion.

  4. catofmanyfaces says

    Wow, I laughed so hard I almost pee’d

    Thanks for putting this up!

  5. molecanthro says

    damn you! i couldn’t stop laughing for ages and i was forced to email the link to multiple people…including my mother!
    absolutely wonderful song and excellent animation.

  6. SteadyEddy says

    Great video- catchy tune and well-drawn. But yechhh… I just linked to Kent’s blog. There’s a lot of “enlightened” people out there wasting time and energy praying for him. I wonder what was in his god’s plan for dealing him this sentence in the Big House? I hope he’s busy taking more than one up his ass for the team. Then maybe he’ll finally understand what a dino-sore bone is?

  7. Chayanov says

    From one of the comments about the sentencing of Mrs. Hovind:

    “I feel sorry for this judge as it is obvious that she doesn’t know that you don’t shake your fist in the face of an Almighty God… He knew the beginning from the end of this whole thing and IF she must go to prison, it is because God is putting her in the right place for someone to hear the gospel.”

    So first, the judge was defying god by sentencing Mrs. Hovind to prison. But then it turned out the judge was actually doing god’s will by doing so. So why be angry with the judge for doing what god wanted all along?

    At least nobody ever accused these people of being consistent.

  8. SteadyEddy says

    Another funny music video can be found here-

    It’s a play off of this video where a creationist lady accuses Hitchens of a small penis (granted- I couldn’t get excited around her either).

  9. Bill says

    This video really proves that you Heathen dogs are as
    stupid as your theory of Evolution.

  10. says

    I just finished praying to Triglav that the three of Him will smite you for your willfull denial of His supremacy, Bill. I’d buy some lightning, fire, and earthquake insurance if I were you, you ignorant savage.

  11. tintenfisch says

    Is anybody else worried that Bush will pardon this tool when he leaves office?

  12. says

    SteadyEddy @10:

    Hovind is in prison because he deserves to be. But he doesn’t deserve to be raped. Nobody does. I hope earnestly that he will pass his sentence without suffering any indignities beyond the well-deserved indignity of being imprisoned in the first place.

    That prisoners in America are routinely raped, and that many Americans find this acceptable and, indeed, amusing is just one more piece of evidence that Americans are, on the whole, a pack of disgusting savages.

  13. says

    We need not worry too much about Bush giving Hovind a pardon on his way out the door of the White House. “Dr. Dino” is not connected well enough to the Bush operation to merit special treatment, being neither a Bush administration official nor a major political contributor. His ass is stuck in prison (and here I agree with those who decry the thought that he ought to be sexually abused while there; it’s enough to keep him penned up).

    By the way, as regards presidential pardons… Last year I imagined that Bush & Cheney would figure out a way to cover each other’s asses with pre-emptive pardons. I did get one detail wrong in my prognostication — the Senate did not end up in a tie after the 2006 elections. The rest might still be true. You can read the dark fantasy here: Pardon my president. (I apologize for the naughty word in it, but it’s unavoidable in any story that includes dialog by Cheney.)

  14. JJR says

    Very catchy tune, just have to be on guard I don’t start humming it at work, or else I’ll blurt out the chorus before I can stop myself….

  15. says

    Found it interesting that this is just ONE of the entries for the contest to make this song into a video. I think of the few entries so far, this one stands head and shoulders above the pack. I personally think the song could worked just as well without the profanity and the rape references, but it just goes to show that atheists can get just as angry and low as Christians can.

  16. says

    I’m not sure that this is as ‘low’ as the so-called Christian who lies for Jesus and knows they’re lying, like some of the members of the Dover School Board. At least the makers of this piece are telling the truth as they see it.

    That said, it’s pretty vulgar.

  17. RAM says

    Dammit, that was funny! That tune will be playing in my head for the few days now. And I’m sorry, I feel no compassion for this person, he’s a leach on society and peoples gullibility. When he’s released as a felon, I really hope he is deported back to Australia.

  18. says

    You know, I saw this a couple of days ago, and thought about mailing you the link, PZ, but then I thought. . .”Nah, he gets tons of mail, and he’d never be interested in this anyway.” Just goes to show.

  19. Masklinn says

    It’s sad (and a bit annoying) that the singer feels the need to repeatedly insult the guy, but the song and the video are just too cute so it’s ok.

  20. Masklinn says

    Damn, I just realized it was a contest based on a previously made song, forget about my previous comment.

  21. Peter Holt says

    When he’s released as a felon, I really hope he is deported back to Australia.

    Forget it, mate. Kent Hovind is a 100% USA-grown cretin. You are thinking of Ken Ham.

  22. RAM says

    Your absolutely right, I was confusing him with Ham.
    Yet another lowlife.
    Do you think Australia would want him anyway?

  23. MikeM says

    By the way, today is George W’s birthday.

    Mine too, as it turns out. I share a birthday with George!

    Not much else, though.

  24. Chaoswes says

    Remember that if Hovind is raped in prison it is Gods will. There is no deserve. How are we to know they will of God right?
    I agree that this is a huge problem in the US prison system. However, it is not as prolific as Hollywood would have you believe. In my humble opinion, even one rape IS a huge problem.

  25. says

    YouTube has opened up a whole new medium for editorial commentary. Was just browsing YouTube yesterday and found these comedy clips:

    Richard Dawkins vs. Ted Haggard: The Uncut Interview?

    The Python Edition:

  26. skunqesh says

    lol! I just pee’d a little in my… oh wait, I’m not wearing any pants.

    That. Was. Funneh! I will be humming this to myself for daze and daze.

    The singer sounds a bit like Chris Collingwood from Fountains of Wayne.

    Coulda lived without the rape jokes, but heck, when in jail shouldn’t you do unto your cell mate as he would do unto you?

  27. SteadyEddy says

    Mrs. Tilton (#18)

    But if it was consensual, Hovind might finally figure out how to date a big bone.