Tangled Bank #82

The Tangled Bank

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is available at gregladen.com, but don’t give Greg any credit for it. It’s written by some guy named Derwin Darwin II; Laden is probably slacking off at the lake, fishing.


  1. Paguroidea says

    What a fantastic edition of Tangled Bank! Derwin really knocked himself out doing this one.

  2. ctenotrish, FCD says

    A follow up for the TV program “A Brief History of Disbelief” if you are in the Indianapolis, IN area. I just received the following in an email:

    “Earlier this year you had expressed interest in seeing A Brief History
    of Disbelief with Jonathan Miller on TV 20. I have good news! We plan
    to show all three parts back-to-back on Sunday, July 29 starting at 2

    I’ll be watching or taping, and hope others in the area will be as well!

    Cheers, ctenotrish