1. jba says

    Awesome. Not quite as good as the recreation of the briefcase from ‘Call of Cthulhu’, but still cool. Of course, I dont think much is as cool as that, being the huge Lovecraft fan that I am…

  2. Brando says

    My catholic high school years just flashed right back at me. I swear, I must have gotten into Lovecraft as a subconscious rebellion against religion by way of nasty “Old Ones.”

  3. rqz says

    the first time i saw a sign for bed, bath and beyond, my brain registered it as: Deathbed And Beyond, which seemed like a great name for a store. to this day i continue to imagine that’s what the store is called, and wonder what curious items they must stock for use beyond one’s deathbed.

  4. says

    But, wouldn’t it be cheaper for you to just bring home left-over failed mutant hedgehog-squid hybrids from your lab instead of buying them from others?

  5. Boosterz says

    Here’s some lovecraftian(sort of) youtubes:

    notice in this one they stretch it across the poor bastards pupil so he gets a good up close look at his little friend.

    These kinds of things are why I never travel outside the states…

  6. Ichthyic says

    ahh, for Lovecraft fans, i just ran across this yesterday:

    there are not only txt and pdf’s of most of his works, but some excellent mp3’s of popular book-on-tape versions as well, and even complete documentation of many RPG table-top versions of the mythos as well.

    I listened to the mp3 of “Call of Cthulu” last night while soaking in the jacuzzi. fun stuff.

    note also that all of lovecraft’s works prior to 1923 are public domain.

    the rest appears contended between several different parties at this point, and most consider it also public domain (see the wiki entries on the subject).

  7. Ichthyic says

    oh, that collection also includes a copy of the “Call of Cthulu” graphic novel, illustrated by John Coulthart.

    great stuff.

  8. les says

    Best comment at the site: “Have you been stealing things from my fridge?” Is that you, Dr. Z?