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    I’m not a fan of the ones where they dubbed in funny noises or fake dialog. Robert Tilton is freaky enough on his own — you don’t need fart noises to make him funny.

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    Funny as pompadour-haired televangelists may be, this may be the worst part of being atheist/science geek these days. Refuting psudoscience & dealing with in-your-face religious kooks takes way too much of our time – time we could have spent marvelling over REAL cool stuff instead, like transitional fossils or new discoveries in boiochemistry. I mean, how many posts on the average science blog does NOT touch creationism or religion in any way? Guess you have to remove the weeds before you can enjoy the garden, though…

  3. Gork says

    Anybody advocating religion is by definition insane, so why wouldn’t crazy preachers be easy to find? If you find a preacher who you think isn’t crazy, you’re not looking at him right.

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    That Jonathan Bell guy is just hilarious. It’s like watching an SNL skit.

    “Your body is not meant to be with another man … And I’m a prime example of that”. Classic.

    Hey Jonathan, the ghost of Sam Kinnison called, he wants his routine back.

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    Gork, I’d say that would be taking it a little too far. Religion is a spectrum… there is a slight difference between Fred Phelps & Ken Miller. Having a quirky worldview doesn’t equal insanity… well, at least not always.

  6. rrt says

    I’ve only had time to watch Bell so far, but…damn! I especially like when he obviously drifts into personally cathartic shouting. I hope his new car is nicer.

  7. Protobiochemist says

    Jonathan Bell: Is what would have happened if Louis Anderson and Rodney Dangerfield reproduced.

    The best line:
    “Those Satanist churches where they sacrifice babies…and melt those babies into candles……and that’s supposed to give them more demonic power”

    And he’s Canadian…..well, that sucks for us eh…

  8. H. Humbert says

    I like the one that looks like Santa Claus if he dressed like a pimp.

    It’s amazing the number of crazy preachers who have Southern accents. Coincidence? (No offense intended to rational Southerners–I sympathize with your plight.)

  9. Rational Jen says

    PZ, you are pure evil for tempting me with this! I just spit Diet Coke all over my monitor while watching Jonathan Bell. The guy may not have much of a career as a televangelist, but he does great stand-up.

  10. spartanrider says

    That southern accent you hear certain preachers use is the sing-song method used at Bob Jones University.As a child I could always tell when a guest preacher was a Bob Jones graduate.It’s been fifty years since I have heard them,but they still sound scary to me.

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    10. At least he quit screaming and went back to hairdressing. Can’t dislike him that much.

    9. Oh, cut the chairobicizing lady some slack. She appears very happy.

    8. The chipmunks sing Ode To Joy in the background. Would have rather actually heard her screech…I mean preach…in her real voice.

    7. Working BLUE on Trinity Broadcast Network! Who would have thought?

    6. The most moronic yet entertaining set by Gene Scott ever. And that is saying something.

    5. Huh? “It is a crazy act.” I ain’t got no idear.” “It’s a bullying act.” NO, in your case I don’t think it’s an act. And the point of holding a gun to (what appears to represent) a pair of dangling testicles with your head poking through a toilet seat is?

    4. Lame & contrived. His hair & preaching are funny enough without adding the Terrance & Phillip sound effects.

    3. His hands look like he was cupping & fondling them rather than pinching them.

    2. Yo, god prefers a 1911 to pop a cap in someone’s ass, not no plastic Glock. And he makes his ass, “very available”.

    1. Always remember…cut with the vein, not across the vein.
    And is that the chipmunks again…or can gerbils sing too?

    Ah, for the good ol’ days of Mexican border radio stations with Garner Ted Armstrong, Roosevelt Franklin and that chicano guy from L.A. with the awful stutter, selling prayer cloths like the one that works just like, “G-gg-god c-cc-cured my st-st-stutt-ring”.

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    Re: The “Lil Markie” video

    Stop applauding, you blind enablers in the congregation, and help that poor overweight man REMAKE himself in his own image without fear so that he can drop some weight, get some self-esteem, and stop singing in a little boy voice, and maybe have a sexual life! “Fearfully and wonderfully made”? FOR SHAME! Holy crap!

    That is the most terrifying thing I’ve seen in a while!

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    If the swearing preacher guy is in the Austin area I will so go to his church. That is the single greatest bit evangelicanism I have ever experienced. I felt Christ in his words. God damn, and God bless.

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    Re: “Runks” video

    “Kids! You are my people! Do you have ADD?”


    “Anybody can be everybody. Anybody can get drunk, lie to their parents, blahdy blah…”

    …and go to church…and never leave their small town…and never see the world…and pretend to be a success, jumping around on a stage, saying nothing and pretending that you have a “deep message.”

    Anybody can be a L-O-S-E-R!

    Next one.

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    Okay, one more, then I’m done.

    “I didn’t fart, the dog did,” is the oldest excuse in the world. Arguably said during the commission of the oldest profes-, uh, religion in the world. To not ruin the (spiritual) moment, you know?

    Okay, ’nuff.

  16. KylTyl says

    Take this 9mm to that boy!

    The internet is just awesome. I had seen this guy a few times on those early morning religiomercials – and then saw this clip on the Daily Show some years ago. It didn’t take too long to dig up on You Tube.

  17. craig says

    Took me a while to figure it out, but the audio to #7 is NOT what he was actually saying.

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    KylTyl links to an Arnold Murray video which I admit is pretty funny, but I’ve always enjoyed his program because he does actually know about what he talks about.

    Granted his conclusions are nutty, just like any Fairy Worshipper; but his knowledge of history, language & the bible are impressive.

    I have several atheist friends who agree.

    Oddly, we all like the Chabad telethon too, “We got some money donated, let’s dance!”

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    Here’s crazy preacher girl (#8) in her own voice:

    The voice changing stuff has a real negative impact on the videos, almost like a bad laugh track. When they speak in their own voices, you can see how funny & dangerous they are.

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    Rhetorical question, but there was some sort of quota for religious broadcasts possibly maybe, or discounts. Which then got bypassed some how maybe new DirectTV guidelines.. can’t remember.

    If you were serious then I’d research the answer.