1. mojojojo says

    Reminds me of Gilbert White’s “The Naturalist’s Summer-Evening Walk,” in which the balmy weather makes everyone else “happy,” “sooth’d” or full of “glee” or “relief;” but:

    Not so the museful sage: — abroad he walks
    Contemplative, if haply he may find
    What cause controuls the tempest’s rage, or whence
    Amidst the savage season winter smiles.

    For days, for weeks, prevails the placid calm.
    At length some drops prelude a change: the sun
    With ray refracted bursts the parting gloom;
    When all the chequer’d sky is one bright glare.
    Mutters the wind at eve: th’ horizon round
    With angry aspect scowls: down rush the showers,
    And float the delug’d paths, and miry fields.

  2. says

    I’m not one for poetry, but I enjoyed the previous entry, “Kutcher Shocks Nation, Reveals Bush Administration As ‘Elaborate Hoax’.”