1. says

    Thanks for the link! Deep sea creatures are awesome. A little more than 3/4’s down the page is a black eyed squid. Any idea what it’s carrying? Is that it’s brood?

  2. MarkH says

    I would hardly call the Fanfin Seadevil adorable!

    In the picture you posted, I can make out the eyes, but are the other two pink shapes it’s brain and beak?

    The other photos on the site are spectacular. Far better than any human-designed alien species, IMHO.

  3. dorid says

    I think they’re ALL cute. My youngest has a thing for deep sea creatures, but she’s more into angler fish. She epcecially likes viper fish. Me, I like the inverts. I think those red plumed tube worms are the CUTEST!

  4. Faithful Reader says

    I like the dumbo octopus; do we know anything else about this nifty creature?

  5. says

    Very cool! Thanks for the photo link, I’m really enjoying looking at these when I need a break from paper-writing.

    Also, I thought you might enjoy this post from the CRAFT blog yesterday: Octopus love!

  6. says

    Thanks for the link. My daughter got a kick out of finding out that ‘snails’ and ‘worms’ live underwater. I’m kind of partial towards that reddish creature above the Munnopis. Has it been identified/named?

  7. T R Carroll says

    Though they’re relatively common in my area , my heart still flutters when I find an “Othoceras” with an exposed siphuncle .