I knew I forgot something important

I forgot to set up a Friday Cephalopod post before I left, and I don’t have my scanner with me! Don’t panic. Deep breaths. We can cope with this, by being as flexible as a cephalopod.

Here’s what I’ve done. I’ve reposted an article on Gonatus onyx, which has lovely photos of a squid and its babies. If you saw that beautiful movie of a squid releasing larvae as it was suspended in the deep, you’ll recognize it—this is one of those resonantly moving behaviors of certain species of squid: they produced huge numbers of eggs, and then just hover, completely alone and isolated in a deep layer of the ocean, brooding their young.

Also — and this will blow your mind — I will be putting up a MONDAY CEPHALOPOD!!! This is what happens when you think out of the box: you get these earthshaking, radical ideas that might change the whole nature of the blogosphere as we know it. I’m tempted to say there will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Cephalopods, but no, I must step back from the abyss, and just take baby steps. One Monday Cephalopod, then we will return to the traditional Fridays, and hope the wobble induced in the Earth’s rotation will have stabilized by then.


  1. stogoe says

    One Monday Cephalopod is enough. If you start a Daily Cephalopod feature, you’ll just be assimilating someone else’s niche in the blogosphere.

    You’re already monolithic enough. Let someone else have the Daily Cephalopod spot.

  2. Paguroidea says

    PZ – You more than made up for it with the “After the sex, the babies” and the “Not for claustrophobics” posts. I’m glad I wasn’t forced into withdrawal.

    I’ll be watching on Monday…