More Friday Cephalopod news

  • Bioephemera not only shows off a chandelier to die for (if I had one installed, my wife would make sure I died for it), but has announced that she needs a cephalopodmania category. It’s infectious.

  • Another blogger with a reputation for Friday Squid blogging is Bruce Schneier. Rumor has it that he will be here at ConFusion, and the organizers are going to try and arrange an ad hoc session with the two of us, on squid.


  1. ajay says

    Another blogger with a reputation for Friday Squid blogging is Bruce Schneier

    “Who’s PZ Myers?”
    “He’s the bald bearded guy who writes a blog taking the piss out of people with bizarre, erroneous beliefs, and he’s obsessed with squid.”

    Well, another unique identification heuristic gone…

  2. SEF says

    with the two of us, on squid.

    in the “this is your brain on squid” sense

    Yes, my question was going to be: “Riding them or taking them?” It might make for an interesting jousting debate format.

  3. ice weasel says

    Schneier AND Myers on one platform. That’s a session I’d like to listen to.

    Are there podcasts anywhere?

  4. MG says

    How about something along the lines of Stifler’s dance contest in American Wedding. A squid-off, if you will, with authentic mating “dances” etc. A picture says a thousand words…….

  5. W. Kevin Vicklund says

    So, I was wondering if I should show up to ConFusion with a bag of Cthulhu spawn in tow, seeing as it’s only about 45 minutes away.

  6. Odonata says

    That is one heck of a chandelier. It’s guaranteed to make the owner feel very special.

  7. Mena says

    That chandelier wouldn’t be too bad in other colors actually-like steel gray or something. Damn, it *is* contagious! :^O

  8. lockean says

    Yo Doc,

    ‘Have a chandelier installed’????!!!!

    In Minnesota real men install their own chandeliers. It’s only two frigin’ wires and some screws–or 2-penny nails when I put ’em up.

    (Of course, in Minnesota real real men don’t like chandeliers.)

  9. ajay says

    Except…I’m not balding. I tend to get quite shaggy, actually.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with going bald, of course.

    Oops. Sorry. My only excuse is that I based the judgement on the tiny photo top left, which does have a sort of balding look, and bottom left, which crops out the top of your head completely. I will adapt my Dichotomous Blogger Identification Tree accordingly.