1. Ichthyic says

    “Which of the following European countries is your favorite, or with which do you most closely identify?”

    one of the answers is Canada?


    maybe this is also a test of general intelligence?

  2. Ichthyic says

    uh, OK, i finished at 100% Pure Evil:

    How evil are you?

    …and I wasn’t even trying. I bet saying I thought being a lawyer was a good thing counted toward mucho evilness.


  3. J. J. Ramsey says

    “Hmm. Apparently I’m Angelic.”

    Same here.

    BTW, I noticed Canada was listed as a “European” country. I suspect that probably is a joke.

  4. Dianne says

    I’m a wishy-washy “good.” Probably shouldn’t have listed “lawyer” as my ideal job. But they didn’t give “mad scientist” (my actual and ideal job) as an option.

  5. Graculus says

    BTW, I noticed Canada was listed as a “European” country.

    It’s also listed as a “Favorite Weapon”.

    I know sometimes it’s hard to tell humour from stupidity on the web, but I think we can safely assign this one to humour.

    Pure Evil, and I am not a lawyer. But I am Canandian.

  6. bernarda says

    Here is a Xmas song that will undoubtedly please such an evil person, “Christmas Time in Hell”.

    I myself was only “twisted”.

  7. Maggie Rosethorn says

    Hmmm…well, I’m “good”. Guess I don’t watch the right kind of movies or something (but they didn’t offer a choice of “what’s a movie” since I’d rather read a good book any day…)

  8. rjb says

    I came up as “pure evil” also, even though I wasn’t trying!! Just out of curiousity, I went back and changed one answer… changed the type of browser that I’m using from IE to Firefox, and that dropped my evil score to “mostly evil.”

    So, I guess if you bow to the spawn of Bill Gates, well, you’re as evil as can be.

  9. bPer says


    {hangs head in shame and sighs}

    Oh well, could be worse. It could have been ‘nice’.

    I blame it on the Canada fixation this test has. Everybody knows we’re good. It’s the cross we bear.

  10. xebecs says

    Do not despair, oh ye lawyers.

    I am rated 100% angelic, and I too chose lawyer as the best of a bad lot of choices.

    I suspect the damn thing is pretty much random, or else broken.

    As for Canada, if the United State could be part of NATO, SEATO, etc. all at the same time, I expect Canada can be part of Europe.

  11. remy says

    I never thought of myself as living in a weapon. Kinda like the idea. I would like to smite some other countries. If Canada were a weapon what would it be?

  12. An Enquiring Mind says

    I’m merely Twisted. Mere cosmic cowinky dink due no doubt to a hangover from my Twisted Sister phase during the 80s? That makes it all seem worthwhile now:)

  13. anomalous4 says

    I came out “neutral.” Actually, I prefer one of my friends’ take on it. In her apartment she has a sign saying:

    333. I’M ONLY HALF EVIL.

  14. Tukla in Iowa says

    Hmph! I had to pick “Actor” as an ideal profession since “Layabout” wasn’t an option.

  15. frank says

    I answered the same way twice, and was evil the first time and good the second. This test seems about as predictive as intelligent design.

  16. says

    As for Canada being a weapon, McArthur (the odd chap who ruled us during world war two) described Australia as being an unsinkable aircraft carrier.