1. Unstable Isotope says

    I don’t know if this made we want to snarl. I didn’t find it particularly funny, though the sentiments are somewhat correct – that Bush only follows part of the Bible.

    When I actually hear W. speaking on the radio, I get physically embarrased. It’s really embarrasing to think of him going to different countries representing the U.S. and sounding so stupid. One classic is the press conference with Angela Merkel where he kept talking about the pig. So embarrasing!

  2. phish says

    best line:

    bush: “this evolution stuff doesn’t make any sense”
    teacher: “thats why you have to pay attention.”

    So. very. true

  3. says

    I still think that the words that satirists put into Bush’s mouth aren’t as funny as the ones that come unbidden from the depths of his own very real idiocy. I didn’t laugh once at this one.

  4. Carlie says

    I find it difficult to laugh at Bush because he’s so horrifying. Amusing is poking fun at someone’s only slight weakness, one that is not really important or integral to the person. Having someone as stupid as he is in a position of so much power is both sad and terrifying, not amusing.

  5. Vitis says

    God, Jeb, and George Sr. and Jr. all in the same room… I wasn’t laughing because I was to busy fantasizing about chemical reactions involving rapidly expanding gasses and shrapnel.

  6. Kseniya says

    Bernarda! That Napoli clip is a classic. I was inspired to blog a little rant about that back in March. Napoli’s criteria for defining situations in which abortion might be allowable is pretty revealing, and does not make me smile and nod.

    Lil’ Bush does a pretty good job of capturing Bush’s affable arrogance and his willingness to embrace and promote ignorance for the sake of expediency. But I didn’t laugh, either.

  7. says

    Not that funny. And the people responsible for the script (I don’t think I’d grace them with the term “writers”) aren’t in a position to be lecturing Bush on intelligence when they refer to Homo Erectus as “our direct descendant“.

    For really good lampooning I think we can do better than rely on shoddy attempts at viral marketing by corporations.

  8. horrobin says

    Couldn’t watch the whole thing, too dull. At six years in, you really need to try harder than ‘Bush dumb. Look how dumb he is.’ We know. We have to listen to the guy. Oh, and they stole the Archies parody from Robert Smigel. It was funnier with the ex-presidents.

  9. Colin hart says

    That video made me want to snarl when the teacher in the classroom said – “Yes, you are a direct descendent of an Ape.”

    It’s a shame that so many people say that line so much, because its totally wrong.

  10. Chayanov says

    I agree with the other sentiments here. The bit was poorly written, making the writers look just as stupid as they were trying to do with Bush. Anyway, as a target he’s too easy. Yes, he’s a Christian. Yes, he may even be a fundamentalist Christian. Yes, he’s not terribly bright and relies too much on others to tell him how he should think. So what? This cartoon is too much like the smug, self-righteous condescension I see far too often from numerous religious groups (and not just Christians) — everybody acts childish except for us. I had to listen to a rant just yesterday from a Buddhist about how childish Christianity is compared to Buddhism. Being neither Christian nor Buddhist I had to conclude that both religions were childish.

  11. Alexander Vargas says

    wadda you mean. It’s totally right. You descend from an ape and you ARE an ape. Think cladistically. Educate your guys PZ.
    Lil’ Bush is very funny

  12. bernarda says

    kesniya, bravo.

    For Napoli it is apparently not enough that a girl gets raped, she has to be a virgin and a xian. Not only that, she has to be sodomized. Makes one wonder about Napoli’s understanding of biology. Perhaps Napoli will also let males who get sodomized raped also have abortions.

  13. Colin Hart says

    ‘wadda you mean. It’s totally right. You descend from an ape and you ARE an ape. Think cladistically. Educate your guys PZ.
    Lil’ Bush is very funny’

    True, but when people say that, it mostly relates to modern day apes, and not to the common ancestor that was around 5.5million years ago.

  14. NatureSelectedMe says

    I can’t tell if this is funny or not, because even humorous presentations of GW Bush make me want to snarl. I leave it to you to judge.

    Wow. BDS is suppose to be a joke.

    …the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush

    You don’t show any paranoia symptoms though.

  15. George Pataki says

    I found it a little funny, It’s scary to know, this guy has his finger on the button all the time? Also, I live in Florida, and, Jeb Bush is really that stupid.