1. owlbear1 says

    I wonder if some of those were disturbing because I know what the animal is supposed to look like or because it was just disturbing on its own?

  2. cserpent says

    Dissapointedly, I saw no monkepotamus (Drew Carey Show) – The digestive output of a hippopotamus combined with the throwing ability of a monkey!

    The hippocrab (crabopotamus?) is pretty cool though.

  3. petewsh61 says

    I’m about to start teaching a 100 level non-majors course on Biodiversity. These images are going to come in handy. As snarks of course.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Grumpy says

    King Aardvark: “My favourite was the walrus-monkey.”

    I didn’t see that one. I saw a walrus and a chimp, but there were no monkeys at all.

  5. Carlie says

    I most definitely do NOT want a lobster snake. However, it would be fun to have a few fishkets hopping around the yard.

  6. Carlie says

    “Cool, I wish I had a pengphin.”

    Was it a pengphin or a pengca? Hard for me to tell.
    Coming up with names is almost more fun than looking at the pictures.

  7. Mena says

    Would it be all that wrong for someone to send or refer that page to an angry Creationist/IDer when they come in here bragging about how no one has ever found a specimen with transitional traits? Really though, would it? ;^)

  8. says

    I think it’s a penguin/orca hybrid, yeah. But pengphin works better than pengca. ANything with penguins in them really, would rock. Except a penger (Penguin/tiger). That might spell doom for the world. Cute and deadly!

  9. says

    After having had this in the back of my mind all afternoon, I can’t believe no one did an antlion.

    And anyone who doesn’t want a lobster snake is clearly insane. Tastes like chicken, and is good with butter and lemon juice!

  10. Steve Watson says

    Unlike some of the others, the penguin-orca is sort of plausible — not as a hybrid obviously, I mean as a possible animal. Penguins are already semi-aquatic — just wipe out the orcas (which eat penguins) and give the birds a few million years…..

    And has Jon Pieret seen picture #7?

  11. Gentlewoman says

    Fun! I liked the pet goldfish/whatever on the harness the best. They are all beautifully done, though. Mad skillz.

  12. Rey Fox says

    The penguin did remind me of Dougal Dixon’s “After Man” in which he postulates the penguins evolving into baleen-whale-like forms.

  13. says

    Would the seal-o-dog be related to the seal-o-canth by any chance? and being a creature of the depths I would have at least expected it to have cross bred with a water dog instead of that frumpy looking beast.

  14. sparc says

    This reminds me of two things:
    in my enthomology examination we obtained specimen wich were build of head thorax and abdomen from different insect species. I guess this was due to the fact that our supervisor was from Bavaria. There is a myth in this regio about some strange creatures the so called Wolpertinger. Is this evidence for ID? You may have a look in wikipedia and in google images:

  15. Ichthyic says

    I think it’s a penguin/orca hybrid, yeah. But pengphin works better than pengca.

    actually, pengphin is just fine, as orcas are classified as belonging to Delphinidae (dolphin family) anyway.

  16. says

    Hullo! Just discovered this blog courtesy a friend who sent me the “Deist on top” cartoon link. Thanks indeed for that hilarious post. Look forward to being in your blog-sphere! Best, rama

  17. Flex says

    Professor Myers wrote, ” there isn’t a single cephalopod in the whole collection.”

    Maybe they’re the ones making the hybrids?

  18. says

    Speaking of being creeped out–where are the creature/Disco Boy hybrids? We could have some fun with that!

    Dembski could be a merman. Or a manicorn. Or an inchworm! (“Measuring the marigolds/you and your arithmetic…”) How cute, I could keep him in a jar! Wells–well, I don’t know what to suggest for Wells. Some kind of haploid, anyway. That would give me more of a sense of humor about his stupid books.

    Phillip Johnson–diploid to Wells’ haploid, I guess. What busy little bees they are. Ann Coulter? How about half an eyebabe…

    And Behe! What would Behe be? Of course, a bacterium! A Behecoccus. Sans flagellum.

  19. Rey Fox says

    I’ve always been creeped out by the Shat, from Star Trek all the way up to the Priceline commercials.

  20. says

    So the question is, if all things aren’t related and they aren’t constrained by prior descent and they were separately created, where are all these wonderful critters (a contraction of “creatures,” created things)? How about the girl with ram’s horns in

  21. says

    Years ago, I saw a comedian portraying a dim-witted athlete doing an endorsement for UNICEF, under the impression that unicefs are “like unicorns, only they’ve got a big willy in the middle of their forehead. And they desperately need your money. To buy hats.”

    If I knew how to photoshop, I’d be creating a uniceph for PZ right now.