1. says

    As amusing as taking potshots at our president may be, being reminded of the destruction of the Baghdad Museum, and the cultural rape of Iraq’s art treasures makes such gags like these about as pleasurable as watching a person cut the ovaries out of a female sturgeon.

  2. Peter M says

    Yesterday my wife’s sister-in-law, a mathematician, told me the story of how the religious right affected the application process for the magnet schools in Nashville TN. Some kind of lottery was necessary because of a surplus of applications. Seems the fundies were suspicious of random numbers (!!) so they pushed through a formula based on the spelling of one’s last name. (I tested the veracity of the story by Googling and found a fragment of this old dispute online.) Well, one family saw that NONE of their kids ever made it via the lottery, so they sued, showing that the lottery favored families at the beginning of the alphabet. They won the case.