1. minimalist says

    Aw no, everybody out of the pool!

    Good job, Billy. You couldn’t have waited?

  2. sir_russ says

    Thanks for the particularly pleasing pic post PZ.

    That is one gorgeous shot.

  3. sockatume says

    Exactly what I thought, Bronze Dog. Somebody needs to photoshop some Spitfires in there.

  4. thwaite says

    Spitfires? Those are so 20th century.

    It’s clearly the Reaver’s spaceship from Whedon’s “Firefly” SF series…

  5. David Harmon says

    Come on guys — all this fuss over a perfectly natural bodily function? Is it just because it involves an orifice we primates don’t have? (AFAIK) :-) :-) :-)

    So this guy looks like he’s facing away from us, inking at something above and behind the frame… Are those bumps on top the back of his eyes, or something else?

  6. says

    I’m down! Thank you, Dear Friends, I’m down, I’m grounded, safe and sound, trailing clouds of glory, I’m down. And I’m marching! Yes, Dear Friends, I’m marching to dinner! Cause Godamighty, I’m hungry! Yes! I’m hungry! Safe and sound and hungry!