Plans, plans, plans

You may be thinking that Pharyngula is going to be awfully quiet this weekend, what with the proprietor gallivanting off to that liberal hotbed of iniquity, New York City. Well, yeah, I probably am going to be rather busy, but I think I’ll be able to squeeze in a few things, especially since this tendinitis I’ve got is going to restrict my mobility a bit. Also, if any New Yorkers want to meet up, my schedule is little bit tight, but I might be reachable at a few times. I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt New York, Park Avenue at Grand Central Station, at (212) 883-1234. Late Saturday morning I’ll be at the AMNH (of course!) touring the Darwin exhibit, and that evening at 8 we’re going to be on Broadway, attending a musical…but late afternoon and early evening are free. I’m also probably going to be hobbling about the Bronx Zoo on Sunday, before my plane whisks me back to the desolate plains of Minnesota.


  1. Don N. says

    The Darwin exhibt is quite good. One thing I really liked was the no no-nonsense approach to ID/Creationism. No waffles served up here.

    Don N.

  2. George says

    All those poor incarcerated zoo creatures. I hope it’s one of the better zoos.

  3. Furlong says

    You’ll love the Darwin exhibition! His original field notes, with big pencil x’s on each page to indicate he had transcribed each of them, were a thrill. The entry containing the first crude drawing of a phylogenetic tree made the world fall away for a moment. Truly a day the universe changed. FitzRoy’s log entries took me back 175 years; I could imagine Fuegia Basket, Jemmy Button and Darwin himself strolling the deck of the Beagle. Cool!

  4. says

    You too, PZ? I just got diagnosed with teh tendonitis in my elbow. Hurt ALL the time. Jeez, this getting old? Not sure the small increase in wisdom is worth the aches and pains…


  5. Dawn says

    Wish I could come into the city and meet you PZ, but this weekend and next will be very hectic for me. Enjoy the city, and maybe another time…

  6. MNDarwinist says

    I have lived in the Bronx and am well familiar with the area near the zoo, also the Botanical Gardens right across the street on Pelham Parkway. If you go visiting, just be sure not to wonder off in the nearby neighborhoods, they tend not to be very safe. Here in Minnesota there are plenty of things I miss about NYC,but not really its biggest borough, the Bronx.