1. says

    Shouldn’t the science panel have practicing scientists? Or are big names and popular writers more important? I guess I’m not clear what their goals are.

    PS. The cookie problem is still in effect.

  2. Mike Fox says


    In my years at college I’ve found that scientists discussing their specialty are so far beyond anyone who is listening that their talk is almost worthless. It’s better to have scientists interested in making their view understandable on publicly viewed panels. PZ is a master at this. Go pirates!

    Mike Fox

  3. Dave Puskala says

    Sorry PZ, I guess you are chopped liver. Just look at the bright side. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring cephlapod porn to a wider audience.

  4. says

    No, you count. In fact, you look like Joe Nobel Prize next to the other four. I think it’s important to have both scientist and other folks involved. The arena is already open to the other folks — they should involve the scientists as well.

  5. Dior says

    Just because he is a military man, do not underestimate the bread”I don’t know, but lets ask an expert..” His response on education.