Scurrying hither and thither

It’s another traveling day for me! I’m off to Minneapolis for a few meetings, and also this important event tonight:

Café Scientifique
Antibiotics in Agriculture
with Timna Wyckoff
Tuesday, May 9, 6-8 p.m.

Varsity Theater, Dinkytown
Free. Must be 18 or older to attend.

The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that more than 70% of the antibiotics produced each year in the U.S. are used in livestock production. How exactly are antibiotics used in agriculture? Do those uses lead to bacterial resistance? Does this have an impact on human health? Timna Wyckoff, assistant professor of biology at University of Minnesota Morris, will discuss the questions and answers surrounding this controversial topic, and share her recent work involving bacterial antibiotic resistance at conventional and organic dairies. Sponsored in part by the University of Minnesota Morris through their Café Scientifique program.

Note that the speaker is UMM’s very own Timna Wyckoff. Yay, us!

Then, tomorrow I have to scoot on down to Madison, pick up #2 Son and a few tons of accumulated college stuff, and zip all the way back to Morris. I’m hoping to have a few oddments of time to post a few things—there’s some new stuff on diploblast Hox genes that I want to mention, that will fit in well with the reruns I ran yesterday—and I’m also going to squeeze in some more grading. This is a fun week, isn’t it?


  1. Greg Peterson says

    I plan to be at Cafe Scientifique–maybe I’ll run into you. I saw your fearsome visage on a Morris sign at the Living Green Expo on Sunday, PZ. Imagine my, um…admiration, let’s say.

  2. radiculous says

    First post! Just so glad to be here! I certainly feel bad for Assoc Prof Myers and all of his time constraints. Grading all of those papers and tests must be horrible when there is blogging to be done! Does the state of MN actually pay you for this? Ah, academics!

  3. CCP says

    grading is truly, truly horrible work under any circumstances. The state of NJ does not pay me nearly enough for the stack of lab reports I am even now procrastinating on.

  4. Smart_Cookie says

    I’m jealous. That Cafe sounds really interesting. Gee, I’m only about 8 hours away by car. If I started now?… PZ…you’ll have to tell us all about it later.

  5. dr? merm says

    ahhhh grading….
    My least favorite activity as well.
    Although, I think I am fortunate – I grade code. Much easier to run a program and grade from there. I don’t have to read too much hand written stuff.

    Enjoy the trip to scenic Madison – Both of my parents and brother teach there. (That is, if you are refering to the Madison I think you are.)