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    PZ, your donation is much appreciated. I’ll pass on news of everyone’s kindness to his wife when I attend Tom’s memorial on Friday.

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    Here’s a good cause. For those of you who have iTunes accounts, Zachary Moore’s podcast Evolution 101 is getting loads of bad reviews from slack-jawed creationist idiots who clearly haven’t listened to the podcast and are parroting loads of boilerplate creationist distortions and talking points. I’ve been doing my best to counter this bullshit but I can’t fight this alone. Open up iTunes, do a search for “Zachary Moore” in Podcasts, and help the pro-science position out, why don’t you?

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    PS: Having read Andy’s blog entry I will be helping out this week — plus contemplating having my first checkups done. (I’ll be 40 at the end of the month myself!)

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    And everybody remember, even if you’re symptom-free, have your reglar colonoscopy starting at age 50. If you catch it early, you’re MUCH more likely to be cured! I know, ’cause I analyze colorectal cancer patient data.

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    PZ, you’re a good man for posting this. Our own research field lost a 46 yo chemist to colon cancer who was working on improving the very same class of drugs that are often first-line for colon adenocarcinoma. (Another “Tom” also, Thomas G. Burke, Univ of Kentucky College of Pharmacy). Unfortunately, his disease was also stage IV at diagnosis and he passed on rather quickly. This cancer researcher will be sending a few bucks Andy’s way. Thanks, PZ.