1. says

    ugh, ouch. Timecube.

    Damn that hurt. WAY too early for the timecube

    “Can you tear and burn the bible, which
    represents Biblistic Selfnic Bastardism –
    contradicted by Cubic Creation of Family
    and Village Tribal Perpetual Bodies. If
    not, you are self-indicted as DUMB and
    totally ignorant of Nature’s Cubic Life. ”

    ….Biblistic Selnic Bastardism….

  2. Biblistic Selfnic Bastard says

    Hey! Watch that talkin’ smack about the Timecube! I emailed that guy a few years ago, I wish I’d kept the reply.

    It consisted of “You don’t want to understand!”

    But I do… I do!

  3. chris says

    Now look what you’ve done with your linkage – you’ve brought the poor guy’s site down!

  4. says

    Thanks for the publicity. I’ve removed the big gif.

    But, gosh, Mr. Science, I’d like to know your opinion of the relevance of the evolution of virulence via horizontal transmission. Does it apply to multinational peripatetic human cultures?

    Just kidding. I don’t expect you to understand such a kooky question filled with my idiosyncratic neologisms.

    Congratulations on your press coverage.

  5. says

    I’d rather see the Timecube guy have a conversation with this guy:


    YOU are ELECTRONS…along with FOOD, WATER and AIR… NO WONDER people get such AMAZING results!! With OXYGEN dropping from 38% to as low as 8%, it’s causing BIG problems!! However, most people don’t realize it until it’s TOO LATE!!”

  6. says

    Spooky. You know, when you rotate your monitor, and look at the TimeCube pages from the back, you can’t see them?

    I’m pretty sure this means something. Time to write up a theory…

    (Heads off to sharpen his crayons…)

  7. Melanie Reap says

    “You asked about the North Polar ice pack. I never said the environment wasn’t a problem. Doesn’t water expand when it freezes? If the polar ice cap melted, wouldn’t sea level go down? I don’t know if there’s enough ice for this to make a difference and I’m not an expert on global warming.” John Titor, Time Traveler website (2036 timeline)

    I’m putting that on my final exam in science methods – “Explain the problems with this statement.” That’s my elementary science methods class, btw.

  8. lt.kizhe says

    I’d rather see the Timecube guy have a conversation with this guy:

    To our considerable disgust, Discover mag recently carried a full-page ad from John Ellis. I think we shall be allowing our sub to expire this year….
    (Really should make time to send a letter to the editor telling them off)

  9. says

    Help, guys! I’m having a bit of an acid flashback – the text on the Time Cube website refuses to stop shifting size and colour, and its meaning is constantly teetering on the edge of revelation.

    Oh wait, it’s a load of badly-formatted bollocks.

    As you were…