Don’t even try to argue with me on this one


John Stone sent along another example of pareidolia. He says it’s Christ on a crotch, and that he’s going to clean up on the t-shirts and licensing…but I’m pretty sure he’s completely wrong, and he’s targeting the wrong market. Look closely.

It’s definitely a Wookie with a blaster.


  1. jrochest says

    Nah, it’s a boreal version of the Shroud of Turin.

    Who knew the 2nd coming would be a tree?

  2. Dustin says

    I can’t help but slip into utter disillusionment over the fact that people can think that Jesus intervenes in worldy affairs to present his likeness in drywall following a devastating hurricane that he couldn’t be bothered to stop.

    Really, that’s pretty messed up.

  3. idlemind says

    That, friends, is a mermaid. And a pretty well-endowed one, too.

    (I was referring to the tail fin.)

  4. Kagehi says

    Bah!! You are all wrong. Its Merlin. He was sealed in a tree remember.. The whole cave version was made up by evil anti-Merlin heretics.

  5. Sean Foley says

    How can it be bigfoot or the shroud of Turin? It’s got a blaster.

    The astonishing technology of the Bigfoot Civilization (like blasters, pyramid building spaceships, and the Loch Ness Monster) far outstrips our paltry scientific advances.

  6. The Brummell says

    Plucky, it’s called a “bowcaster”. I think I outrank you, geekwise.

    I agree: Wookie with a blaster (who said they HAVE to carry a bowcaster?)

  7. dAVE says

    wookie – just ’cause Chewbacca used a bowcaster (jeez! you ARE a nerd, The Brummell) doesn’t mean EVERY wookie uses one. That’s just stereotyping!

  8. says

    Well, I’ve heard the expression “Christ on a crutch” before, but “Christ in a crotch” is a new one.

    I doubt it will catch on.

  9. says

    What, Zeno, you’ve never heard a woman in the throes of passion cry out “Oh, God” before? What do you think she’s talking about? It’s a good name, beats “Floyd” anytime.

  10. Sarahkm says

    Perhaps because I’m an oversexed grad student, but I definitely don’t see Jesus or a wookie.

  11. Interrobang says

    I don’t want to argue with you, PZ, but that’s definitely a leftover from a production of Hamlet — for sure it’s Hamlet’s father’s ghost. The figure is wearing a crown, has its hands crossed over its chest like a corpse, and has no feet. QED. *grin*

  12. Christian says

    Has anyone sent this yet to FARK to be photoshopped?

    Christ on a Crotch would be a lovely theme.

  13. Opiwan says

    Heh, Chris… you sure it’s not just a ptavv with a disintegration beam?

    *pushes the button and turns on the Slaver stasis field*

    Oops, I did it again!

  14. idlemind says

    Oh, I get it! A mirror image of the pattern continues underground. It’s a playing card. The King of Spades, I believe. A bit elongated in the picture, but from a bird’s-eye perspective it would look in proper proportion.

    Maybe he should start looking carefully at the other trees along that street. Could be a winning “hand” in some state lottery! Or crows engaging in cartomancy…

  15. Azkyroth says

    I’m gonna cast another vote for “phallus”-synonym here.

    “Christ on a crotch?” Hardly. Now, “Christ’s crotch” might at least fit the visual evidence…

    And a tree is the perfect place for that sort of apparition; he was a carpenter after all.

  16. says

    What, Zeno, you’ve never heard a woman in the throes of passion cry out “Oh, God” before?

    Damn. I just knew my virginity would eventually cause me trouble.

  17. jc. says

    It´s definitely not Christ. I´ve scientifically checked this image with every existing photograph of our Lord and they just don´t match up. Ditto with the virgin.

  18. rubberband says

    The “face” is pure Creature from the Black Lagoon.
    However, what appear to be mammaries must then be something else, because no way was the Creature a mammal (scales, gills).
    Folded arms, with elbows prominent?
    It does appear to be praying. . . .

    Lastly, I ABSOLUTELY SAW a perfect image of the FSM the other night in my, uh, spaghetti. Proof positive of the validity of that faith.
    (I ate it.)

  19. Carlie says

    “Perhaps because I’m an oversexed grad student, but I definitely don’t see Jesus or a wookie.”

    How on earth can anyone be an oversexed grad student? I never had any time…

  20. Lya Kahlo says

    It’s CLEARLY a wookie! And if anyone diagrees with me I’ll have the Holy Tree Crotch Wookie smite them!

  21. says

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