The cephalopod sex series

As part of the ongoing migration to the new site, I’ve brought over some strangely popular articles: Tentacle sex, Tentacle sex, part deux, Squid nuptial dances, and Octopus sex. All across the world, people are wondering what the etiquette is if they should find themselves in a romantic situation with an amorous cephalopod, and it is my duty to provide the answers.

If only I’d thought of bringing these over last week, in time for Valentine’s Day. I hope no one made any beastly gaffes because they couldn’t find these articles in time…


  1. says

    Ohhh…so it’s white dorsal stripes, golden epaulettes, and rigid arms. I had it completely mixed up!

    Well, don’t I feel embarrassed now.

  2. ericnh says

    Great reading PZ, but if you keep posting like this I’m going to need to be hosed off with some squid ink to calm me down! Don’t you have anything on zebrafish sex?

  3. neutrino_cannon says

    No, biologists are fairly vanilla compared to hentai aficionados.

    The lekking is interesting.