Black Woman Somehow Given Substandard Medical Care

You may or may not know, but giving women substandard medical care is kind of a thing. Giving Black women even worse medical care is kind of a thing also, too. So imagine my surprise when I learned that a the person who was treated for a gunshot wound at a Florida hospital using just a bandaid and a scrip for prophylactic antibiotics was a Black woman, Shakena Jefferson, who was married to another woman.

But I’m sure that turned out well, since the news never reports anything bad right? Right?


As it happens, the treatment the hospital gave her was perfectly appropriate for a graze would, but not for someone with a hunk of bullet embedded in her skull – the sphenoid or anterior temporal bones by the looks of it – as was revealed three days later by x-ray at a different hospital when her pain didn’t go away.

I don’t actually mind giving graze wounds treatment appropriate for graze wounds. I do mind the lesser credibility and importance we give to Black women’s medical complaints, which has proved time and again to be a source of under treatment of important medical concerns and a contributor to Black women’s lower life expectancies.

But that’s okay, we elected Obama and nominated Clinton, so I’m sure that misogynoir is no longer a problem and there’s no need for health professionals to overturn hospital carts like a common Jesus until we stop dismissing Black women’s concerns with pats on their bullet-embedded heads.


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