Ah, Easter Eggs Almost Make Jesus Worth It

So I’m watching the second season of Jessica Jones last night – for various reasons I didn’t watch it when it came out – and I finish the first episode and have time so I dive into the 2nd. As is her gig, Jones is investigating something. She gets hold of someone else’s computer (or tablet or whatever – I think it was a touch screen + a keyboard & I’m not sure what that is anymore) and is scrolling through the comments they’ve left on a site. When she focuses in on one, you can see the comment immediately above it, indented and obviously on a different topic. In that comment, redleader is responding to AliasJewel. That’s fun enough. But the actual body of the comment was

Douglas Adams is underrated as a philosopher IMO!

I had to giggle.



  1. Raucous Indignation says

    I missed that easter egg, but we do love JJ and most of the other TV Marvel stuff. JJ is my favorite Marvel on screen hero at this point. I wish they’d let her marry Luke Cage and raise a family like they did in the comics.

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