Letting Go of Hatred & Anger

So a friend just verbally relayed a bit of wisdom she found on the internet yesterday. The core is, therefore, not mine, but she couldn’t remember the exact wording and thus the exact phrasing you find in this post can be blamed only on me.

My counselor told me that I was carrying too much hatred and anger and needed to let it go. I told her that I knew that, but that I didn’t know how. She suggested I write letters expressing the full depth and nature of my feelings to all the people that inspire my rage, then burn them and scatter their ashes on the wind. I did that, but it only helped a little and I still have all these letters.


And why should I relate this anecdote now? I bring it to you on the occasion of the announcement of Roman Polanski’s new film about false accusations, J’Accuse. Grilled Cheezus.


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