For Your Enjoyment: Oops, He Did It Again

And I thought it was mere cynical humor. I’ve been tipped off about another PZ Myers prediction, this one even more specific. In his 2013 post, “Some people are born for twitter,” PZ says:

[S]ometimes [Twitter is] a good way to reveal the idiocy of bubble-headed celebrities. Case in point: Donald Trump.

You know where this is going. 

PZ notes three consecutive tweets.

In the first, Trump suggests BOTH withholding medical treatment AND waterboarding the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. Why? Because he suspects that if treatment is withheld and waterboarding then performed, “I suspect [Dzhokhar Tsarnaev] may talk.”

In the second, he’s explicit about not only torture as a violation of constitutional rights, but torture as a means to violate other constitutional rights. Here’s the text:

Make the Boston killer talk before our doctors make him better. Once he is well, he will say, “Talk to my lawyer.”

Let’s not get into the fact that Trump thinks he owns the doctors – or even owns them in some relative degree more than Tsarnaev “owns” them. They aren’t Tsarnaev’s doctors. Why? Well, religious bigotry, of course. And ethnocentrism, of course, with a side of the racism that may not play a starring role in bigotry against an Eastern European white guy, but that helps keep more general ethnocentrism alive and well. Okay, fuck it, let’s get into the fact that Trump thinks these doctors are somehow “ours” but not “Tsarnaev’s”: that’s a fine bit of (unneeded) evidence for the proposition that too many on the right resist: Trump is an entitled git who opposes slavery and dehumanization of others the way that I oppose fresh squeezed orange juice or peanut curry.

Damn. This is getting serious. So you really want to read the third of this trio of consecutive tweets? Fine, here you go:

Don’t forget to watch Celebrity Apprentice tonight at 9pm…you will love it!

The world contains neither enough condemnation nor enough contempt for Trump to get what he truly deserves. And yet? PZ Myers in 2013 tells it like it’s gonna be:

And this man thought he should be president. I never thought I’d see someone hunting for that office who was dumber and more evil than George W. Bush, and there he is…which probably means he’ll get elected sometime in my lifetime, given my track record on these things.

Specific timeframe? Check. Specific persons identified? Check. Specific event? Check. Specific location? Well, technically it’s not explicit, but I think the location is implied more than clearly enough: PZ is referring to the presidency of the USA, after all.

Good gravy! I can’t wait for all the callers into the Atheist Experience‘s weekly online video broadcast to claim that they converted to Happy Atheism based on fulfilled prophecy, the way so many Christian callers used to do!

Although I’m horrified at Trump’s election and at more general political trends & events in the US and Europe, I’m finding a bit of levity in the snark-turned prophecy that has preceded this debacle. If you have any good prophecies (with adequate sourcing, please), leave them in the comments.



  1. Siobhan says

    For Posterity:

    I will put this here, and remember it, in case I someday need to come back and point “I was right! I was right!”

    I don’t think Trump’s an empty suit full of rats. I think he’s a cokehead or an amphetamine freak. He’s abusing something, maybe adderall.

    Usually with that sort of thing it takes until all the bodies are buried for the truth to come out. E.g:

    –Marcus J. Ranum

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    @PZ – that gave me a good laugh.

  3. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    I ran across that last week or the week before. I meant to put it in Lynna’s political madness thread, but forgot.

    Good to see others are keeping up with the prognostications of our saviour.

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