Shaun’s video on anti-vax propaganda

This is sort of an appendix to yesterday’s post. Jimmy Dore is far from the only person spreading misinformation and devaluing the lives of most of humanity, he’s just caught my attention a few times in recent weeks, and the hypocrisy of him attacking other people for not being “left enough” has become more than a little annoying.

I think this video is important for a couple of reasons, beyond the satisfaction of seeing Dore dismantled. The first is that it touches on a bunch of talking points that are being pretty widely used right now, and the second is that it digs into the research, and demonstrates how errors and unclear language within scientific articles can play a big role in how bits of propaganda get started. I suggest you put it on while you’re cooking, or gaming, or something.


  1. Hypatia's Daughter says

    Perhaps the reason that Dr Fauci does not think that “natural Immunity” is the best way to handle a deadly pandemic is because there would be an estimated 4 – 5 million deaths in the US before we get to the 95% natural immunity. IOW, 95% of Americans would have to get infected with COVID in order to reach “herd immunity”; and 1.5% of the people who get infected will die. Our health care system was crushed before we reached 1/2 million deaths over 2 years.
    My quick & dirty math on this: 333 million Americans X 95% infection (= 316, 350,000 infected) X 1.5% death rate = 4.75 million
    Also, letting COVID spread “naturally” over a country this geographically large and with a very spread out population is going to take several years. (The Black Death epidemic of 1346 took ten years to spread through Europe & England before it died out.) The US has the capability of fully vaccinating the entire US population in a year. That’s not going to happen, not because the US doesn’t have the technology but because of plague rats amongst us.

  2. says

    Yeah, it all goes back to the eugenics shit.

    And I’d also say that the herd immunity strategy assumes that this virus won’t just keep throwing out new variants that nobody’s immune to. It seems to me that it’s more likely to end up being like the flu, where there’s a new variant – and a new vaccine – every year or so.

  3. Ichthyic says

    “IOW, 95% of Americans would have to get infected with COVID in order to reach “herd immunity”

    there’s another problem. natural immunity to this virus only lasts a maximum of 6 months. so you get all the extra death without even any lasting protection for sacrificing all those people.

  4. Ichthyic says

    ^^ that’s even with the SAME variant, btw. does not even count different variants.

  5. says

    Relax, there won’t be any more variants than there are letters in the Greek alphabet! That’s how it normally works, right…?

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