Just as the U.S. government helped create Al-Qaeda, the Israeli government helped Hamas

The United States has a long, horrific history of funding, training, and arming extremist groups – particularly right-wing ones – in the hopes that those groups will destabilize the regions in which they are active. This has led to countless atrocities all around the world, many of which have been used as excuses for our state of endless war.

As one of America’s closest allies, and the biggest recipient of American military aid, it probably shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Israeli government followed this strategy when it came to Hamas.

Remember this, when Hamas is used to justify murder and brutality committed against Palestinians, as part of the Israeli government’s effort to maintain apartheid conditions, and pursue a campaign of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem.

Israel has all the power in this situation. The Israeli government is capable of de-escalating things, and moving the region towards peace, but they have consistently chosen not to, maintaining and escalating the cycle of bloodshed.


  1. StevoR says

    Al Jazeera has good and regularly updated news coverage here as you probly already know :


    Scrolling down – 2 hours ago (12:35 GMT) – there’s a map of where protests have occurred.

    Its also worth recalling how Netanyhu first took power here :


    Plus TYT on the size of Gaza and the lack of places to flee to here :

    WARNING : Confronting material, war and aftermath, death, violence and potential upsetting material


    From the last major outbreak of mass carnage in 2014 but sadly not much has changed since. Hopefully informative and interesting.

  2. StevoR says

    Thinking old TYT videos that are relevant and grimly interesting here :


    Cynically, right now the war helps Netanyahu and Hamas (& even Fatah where Abbas just postponed elections recently) stay in and entrench their power in the most gawd-awful flippin’ way..

    Also more 2014 and yet still so apt right now powerful old TYT clips :


    & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT-a-WWJgBg&t=1s

    Cenk and Gabotr Mate speak for me here. Which , ok, given my painful record here is probly for tehbest and this whole issue is one that I know i’ve messed up badly before so, well, still, please watch these in full and be think and be kind because in this area especially just too much constant cruelty.

  3. StevoR says

    Gabor Mate, sorry typos.

    Palestinians are people like the rest of us. They’re not going away and have inalienable Human Rights and legitimate historical and cultural claims to live where they do.

    Israelis are people like the rest of us. They’re not going away and have inalienable Human Rights and legitimate historical and cultural claims to live where they do.

    Neither side can nor should should wipe out the other. Somehow they will have to work out a way to live together. Eventually. How many will die first? How long will it take them to understand this? How do we get them to see the traumatised, broken Humanity they share? Dunno.


    PS. Trevor Noah had a durn good segment on this topic screened tonight Aussie time too FWIW.

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