“…Wrapped in a flag, and carrying a cross.”

Just saw this from Michael Stone over at Patheos.

Dangerous Catholic extremist: Amy Coney Barrett, a leading candidate for a soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court seat, claims the Bible precedes the Constitution.

Barrett, a dangerous religious extremist who believes her religious faith comes before the law, and claims that the Bible precedes the U.S. Constitution, was confirmed for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit last year after a controversial and contentious Senate confirmation process.

In case it’s unclear, that would be bad. While there was never any question that whoever Trump manages to get into that seat would be a problem, having at least a pretense of respect for the value of a secular state ought to be a prerequisite for being any sort of judge, let alone sitting on the Supreme Court.

That said, I don’t think it’s likely she’ll be confirmed if she is nominated. With the newly standard caveat that there are limits to how well we can predict the potential shittiness of our national situation, I expect she’s more there as a spoiler. Her appointment would gin up Trump’s base ahead of the midterms, and create a lot of scandal to cover up any developments in the Mueller investigation. Then, the “real” nominee would seem more reasonable by comparison by denouncing her overtly theocratic beliefs.

It’s a predictable and effective tactic, but as I mentioned, I don’t feel confident making any predictions at this stage. Regardless of what happens, the fact that she’s a judge, let alone in the running for this seat is more evidence that things are bad, and are likely to get worse.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I used to be a Catholic. Long ago. As a child.
    The Bible, as a SourceOfAuthority, was after the ActualLivingChurchHierarchy.
    The Vatican dictated what Catholics believed and behaved.
    Are we sure this person is a TrueCatholic?
    She sounds like a Heretic.

  2. wontbehere4long says

    I was over at an animation website called Cartoon Brew a long time ago shortly after Orlando happened. I told everyone that I know what it’s like to live under someone else’s thumb because I live in the Deep South, Georgia to be exact. They were very disturbed by what I said, so much that that they quoted Nietsche about “he who fights monsters” and whatever the fuck.

    Look, Christians hate me for who I am, so now I’m going to make the point of hating them in return.

  3. wontbehere4long says

    Actually, you know what? After remembering that there are those that actually celebrated the Orlando massacre, I’ve officially that Christians deserve every bit of persecution they can get.

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