Are you legally prepared for the coming rollback of your rights?

Copied and pasted. Good advice:

As an attorney, I strongly urge all LGBTQI folks to get your legal affairs in order NOW. We’ve had a good few years of being able to legally marry, and in many states to be able to adopt children (often adopting our OWN children), be foster parents, inherit a lease from our deceased partners, and so many other hard-won equalities.


Please do your wills, adopt your kids if you haven’t already, create guardianship affidavits, GET PASSPORTS for everyone in your family, get your name/gender markers corrected, confirm that your life insurance policies, investments, houses, cars, bank accounts, even your leases have the correct people on them as owners or beneficiaries.

I’ve created a clause that I suggest should be added to your wills (and any other document dependent upon marriage). Please feel free to take it for your own use:

“The term “wife” or “husband” or “spouse” as used herein means *insert your spouse’s appropriate legal name here*, whose rights, responsibilities, or benefits under this will shall not be affected regardless of whether the legal validity of my marriage to the above-named person is ever nullified by Supreme Court decision or Constitutional Amendment.”

People in our lives who voted for Trump, but say you love us: go fuck yourself with a cactus


  1. says

    I was curious about the source because you didn’t link one and I found this, which didn’t include the cactus line, and I’m not sure is the source but might be? Anyhow, good advice.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Or you could, y’know, just… leave. Go live somewhere civilised. Europe’s nice.

  3. wontbehere4long says

    And a lot of these are LGBT’s that actually voted for Trump.

    It’s okay, though, because these people will have to get through my father’s rifle before they get to me. Heck, I think I know how to arm it myself.

  4. sonofrojblake says

    LGBT’s that actually voted for Trump

    Fuck those people with a spiky object of their preferred gender.

  5. StevoR says

    @ 4. sonofrojblake : Not always that easy for everyone both financially and from a family perspective I’d say.

    Also the plague of fascism seems to be spreading in Europe too with far reich parties becoming increasing powerful globe~wide. Even sadly here in Oz.

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