Goodbye Caine. And Fuck Cancer.

One of our best bloggers and commenters, Caine, has left this life.

This caught me completely and totally by surprise, because I, for some reason, thought she was winning her battle with cancer.

Anyone remember her rats? She’s the one who made me realize just how adorable rats and mice can actually be.

She was a tough commenter and blogger. She was tough in the backchannel, as well. But it was never in a way that wasn’t deserved. And she was so sweet, and so kind, and so friendly to those who deserved it…

I know you can’t read this, Caine, but I’m going to miss you. I’m going to miss your wit, your rats, your friendliness, your words… rest in power, Caine.

And my condolences to Rick and everyone affected by her passing.

I wish I had something with which to raise a toast to her.

And fuck cancer.


  1. victoriajoy16ck says

    I’m so very sad. I just finished my 16th and final chemo treatment Wednesday. I was looking forward to sharing that with Caine. I will miss her fierceness. I will miss her grit. I will miss her.


  2. StevoR says

    So sad to read this awful news. I too thought that if not winning her battle Caine was still strongly fighting it with a long time still to come. Caine was a remarkable , good human being who made the world a lot better by being in it.I will miss her and know that at least thousands -- almost certainly tens of thousands -- of people all around the globe will too having encountered her over the internet and FTB particularly.My deepest condolence s to her friends and family.

    Oh & victoriajoy16ck, best wishes from me for your treatment too.

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