Yeah… That’s Not Gonna Happen…

So apparently Agent Orange thinks he can bring peace to the Middle East

Despite bleak prospects for success, President Donald Trump promised on Wednesday “to do whatever is necessary” to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

At a White House meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Trump pledged to reinvigorate the stalled Mideast peace process that has bedeviled his predecessors and said he would serve as “a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator” between the two sides. “We will get it done,” Trump confidently told Abbas.

In this case, I get it. Somehow, some way, that conflict desperately needs to end. It’s terrifying and grotesque. But Heir Circus Peanut has some optimism that just… I mean… I don’t know where it’s coming from…

“I’m committed to working with Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement,” Trump said. “But any agreement cannot be imposed by the United States or by any other nation. The Palestinians and Israelis must work together to reach an agreement that allows both peoples to live, worship, and thrive and prosper in peace.”

The source of Trump’s optimism was not immediately apparent. He offered no details about his effort or how it would be any different from attempts over the past two decades during which former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all tried and failed. Palestinian officials said after the meeting that Trump had not raised any specific proposals to restart negotiations.

Sean Spicer, when asked how it was different, responded with “the man is different”.

That is definitely true, but not in the way he meant.

Sir Tiny Hands will start WWIII long before he brings peace anywhere.

On a separate note… for personal reasons, I try to avoid commenting on that conflict. Yes, I have my thoughts, opinions, and views, and yes, they are probably more aligned with many of y’all than they are with any Conservative views. The reason I try to avoid commenting on the conflict is this…

Of course, my family is Jewish. I grew up in an extremely pro-Israel, very Zionist bubble and, frankly, I’m still grappling with the conflict between the things I have learned through sources like Democracy Now and others and the things I have learned growing up around an informed, very pro-Israel, very Zionist family. I honestly do not feel comfortable engaging in these aspects of the conversation right now. If the discussion in the comments turns there, I’m going to ask of y’all two things. They are both vague, and that’s intentional…

Please avoid both anti-Jewish bigotry and Islamophobia. I will not tolerate any comments that suggest that Israel or Palestine don’t exist or don’t deserve to exist. Please be respectful of your fellow commenters, avoid fallacies, and keep things cordial.

Thank you.


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    I think it’s pretty clear that Trump doesn’t actually accomplish anything. He just says he does. It’s fake achievements in the fake news era.

    So he’ll go over there, talk to people, and then announce “Problem solved, I deserve a nobel prize. Hey Norwegians, call me! I solved this problem and it’s right on your border. If Obama could get a nobel prize I deserve a double nobel prize.”

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    President Donald Trump promised on Wednesday “to do whatever is necessary” to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

    Anyone else get the disturbing feeling that “whatever is necessary” includes threatening to glass the entire region unless both sides agree to kiss and make up long enough for Trump to add another “win” to his scorecard? Followed by the even more disturbing realization that -- aside from the fact that any “peace” brokered under such circumstances would almost certainly be extremely temporary -- you’re not entirely sure it wouldn’t be worth it?

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    Sarah A@#2:
    The region has been politically unstable since humans settled between the Tigris and Euphrates. Empires have come and gone, armies have marched through and back out again. Anyone who expects the region to be peaceful, doesn’t understand the region -- and I think we can safely say Trump hardly understands anything. He may expect peace but he won’t get it.

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    All I know is I’m tired of hearing Israeli actions justified by invoking the Holocaust.

    The Holocaust sucked ass for everyone who was targeted. Not just Jews. It was something that simply shouldn’t have happened, and that’s on all of us who just kind of ignored what was happening until we were forced to pay attention.

    But being a victim at one point doesn’t make it okay to turn around and do nearly the exact same thing to another group of people, as Israel has done with Palestinians. It’s even less okay to paint your victims as “terrorists” for daring to fight back.

    To put it in more familiar terms, it’s not okay for the abused to become the abuser. The cycle of abuse — small-scale and large-scale — needs to be stopped.

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