Basic White People are Racist

Fucking white people.

We’re always doing the most in a dash to be the absolute worst. Then we scream and cry when people call us out. For us white people today, there’s no such thing as racism. You literally cannot say or do anything that’s racist, today. But call a white person a racist, and oh. My. God.

You have ruined their precious day.

I just love your hair! My wanting to touch is a compliment! And I can see the pros of building a wall; I mean… those illegal immigrants, man! They broke the law by coming here! And anyways… we live in America! Why shouldn’t citizens here have to speak American? And while we’re on it… I totally agree that black lives matter, and all, but why couldn’t they just do what the cops said, instead of trying to resist? And I just want to wear that head dress and that kimono because they’re cute! I’m not appropriating any cultures! And why can’t I put that black shoe polish on my face? It’s just a costume!




Holy fuck. Sorry about that. That was supposed to be snarky, but fuck it hurt to type.

But it’s also true. This is the general tenure of racism today. It’s micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions that build up until a breaking point is reached. And it’s made even worse that the embodiment of Patriarchal White Supremacy, our Circus-Peanut-in-Chief and the Candy Corn Administration, occupy the White House.

I just want to highlight some things that annoy me about my fucking fellow white people…

Let’s start with a story a few days ago. Apparently, a requisite of spring-breaking in Cancun, Mexico is being a conservative, racist douchebag. Some spring-breakers were on a cruz in Cancun, and for some reason decided to start chanting “build the wall”

A group of Americans on vacation in Cancun, Mexico were slammed by a Mexican newspaper late last week after they chanted “Build the wall!” while on a tourist ship.

As SFGate notes, an editorial in the Yucatan Times called out a group of American students who were aboard a local tourist ship off the coast of Cancun and reportedly chanted “Build that wall!” despite the fact that they were the ones who were traveling across the border from the United States to Mexico.

Hey, you drunk fucking assholes! You are in fucking Mexico!

How goddamn pathetic do you have to be to chant BUILD THE WALL while you’re in Mexico? Like… maybe, at the very least, learn to be aware of your surroundings you fucking racists?

I have no way to transition to this next one, so…

A friend on Facebook shared a story called “The Awkward Paradox of Being an LGBTQ Gentrifier“. I don’t want to talk about the story, but about a comment place on the friend’s Facebook thread (note: this is not in the comments of the linked story, but in the friend’s Facebook post):

Gentrification just means economic development. I wish people would come gentrify my hood.

Fuck. You. Racist. Asshole.

Then again…

People should live where they can afford to. Nobody has a right to live in a certain area, and subsidized housing harms everyone in the end. Neighborhoods and cities change.

[insert barf gif here]

So here’s how I ended up responding to this asshole:

No. Gentrification is quite literally how we white people have disguised segregation. It’s white people going into neighborhoods and pushing people of color out. And when those people of color (especially black people) try to stay, things go very badly for them, because we white people must own everything and be the only ones there.

*That* is gentrification.

Defending gentrification like this isn’t “moderate”.

It’s racist.

I really don’t have anything else to say other than to repeat this:

Fuck. You. Racist. Asshole.

And yet again, I have nothing with which to transition to this next little story, but perhaps you’ve heard about Tomy Lahren recently?

She apparently “came out” as pro-choice, earning her a suspension from her show at The Blaze, and drawing the ire of conservatives everywhere. It has also earned her a sudden outpouring of support from feminists, despite her problematic history… and no, not just on feminism and women’s issues.

Let’s not forget that she’s racist as all hell, too. For example… she called Black Lives Matter “the new KKK”.

The new KKK.

Think about that.

This is a movement that has had exactly one demand: Stop. Murdering. Them. They are asking that we fucking acknowledge and respect their lives. They are asking that we admit that selling loosies, or stealing cigarillos, or playing with a toy gun, or carrying a gun in an open-carry state, are not death sentences, especially when a terrorist like Dylan Roof can be peacefully arrested and then driven to fucking Burger King because he was fucking hungry after committing an act of terror.

Tomi Lahren is comparing that movement to the fucking KKK, a racist, White Supremacist hate group that has a history of lynching, murder, supporting segregation, and so on.

There is literally no possible way the two could be any more different.

She also had a lot of racist shit to say about Jessie Williams’ amazing speech at last year’s BET Awards.

Lahren begins the video on the defensive, asking if her “whiteness” impedes her from criticizing the BET Awards — but she continues on her rant anyway. She slams BET for giving the Grey’s Anatomy star the humanitarian award because he “perpetuates the war on cops.”

Lahren used the story of 12-year-old Tamir Rice to try to make a point about unarmed black men.

That’s right — Lahren used the story of a cop shooting someone not yet in their teens to make a point about how, when black victims are sometimes unarmed, “it’s certainly not for lack of trying.” Lahren talks about times that black men have grabbed an officer’s gun or equipment to attack police.

However, this was not the case for Rice, who was shot while playing in a playground.

Lahren then turns to a moment in Williams’ speech where he says that anyone who criticizes Black Lives Matter should have a documented critique of black oppression as well.

“White people, yeah, we do have a record of critique of your oppression,” Lahren says in the video. “In fact, do you know how many of our ancestors fought in the Civil War to free your ancestors?” Lahren delivered this line with a straight face after asking what rights black people in America do not have.

But people want to make this basic white person a fucking symbol of modern-day feminism because she said she was pro-choice, and her misogynistic employers decided to suspend her?

Fuck her, and fuck you, too, if you support her.

And speaking of Jessie Williams’ amazing speech at the 2016 BET Awards…

This one isn’t recent; it’s a blast from the past. Back on June 28, 2016, I posted Jesse Williams’ speech on this blog. I told everyone to shut up, listen, and learn. Of course, I got a comment from someone which is still languishing in the moderation cue. Now, I will admit, I don’t know if this person is white, so I’m not going to openly call them a Basic White Person, but the fact that they are being racist here is still true regardless…

I thought his speech was going in an entirely different direction after reading this sentence. The people who can and should do better for Black women are: Black men. 73% of black children are born out of wedlock. Where are those fathers taking care of those kids? What are those fathers teaching those kids? White people aren’t forcing black men to abandon their families.

Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than it is to live in 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner, Sandra Bland. Tell that to Dorian Hunt.

Notice who he doesn’t mention here — the thousands of black people, overwhelmingly men, who are murdered by other black people every year in the US. 90% of them, to be exact.

There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of.

Indeed. And in this war blacks are fighting themselves.

I have no intention of ever letting this racist shit out of moderation. I never did. But let me just remind you all about a couple things:

First things first…

White on white crime is just as bad as black on black crime. No seriously. They’re damn-near equal.

But actually, the reality is a bit different than that.

There’s no such thing as black-on-black crime. It’s a bugaboo, invented by racist white people as a means of dehumanizing black people.

Not surprisingly, the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that most people who are victims of violent crime are victimized by someone they know. In fact, almost every study ever done shows that crime is a socioeconomic phenomenon. Another Bureau of Justice Statistics report explicitly states that between 2008 and 2012, “Poor urban blacks (51.3 per 1,000) had rates of violence similar to poor urban whites (56.4 per 1,000).”

There is no such thing as “black-on-black crime”—just crime.

That’s right. White people kill white people. Black people kill black people. I know what you’re thinking: Yes, but black people do so disproportionately. You’re right—even though white people commit most violent crimes (which means that because of the raw numbers, if we had a choice between eliminating white-on-white crime or black-on-black crime, confronting white-on-white crime would pay far greater dividends).

And of course the follow-up question is “why are so many black people poor?” And yes, there is a definitive answer, but it has fuck all to do with “laziness”:

There is a definitive answer. Either the black people who worked for free to build this country, and on whose knowledge all Western mathematics, astronomy and science rest, are genetically lazier and dumber, or, alternatively, it is the result of systemic discrimination in financing, unequal employment, disparities in home lending, segregation in education, and the fact that every law, opportunity and constitutional right was not available to black people until 50 years ago.

Vox has another great breakdown on it, as well, that’s worth a read.

So what about black fathers? Are they really any more statistically deadbeat than white fathers?

If you answered “no”… well… you’re right. In fact, the fucking opposite is true

Some of the relevant highlights from the CDC study as posted at Think Progress.

Considering the fact that “black fatherhood” is a phrase that is almost always accompanied by the word “crisis” in U.S. society, it’s understandable that the CDC’s results seem innovative. But in reality, the new data builds upon years of research that’s concluded that hands-on parenting is similar among dads of all races. There’s plenty of scientific evidence to bust this racially-biased myth. […] Although black fathers are more likely to live separately from their children—the statistic that’s usually trotted out to prove the parenting “crisis”—many of them remain just as involved in their kids’ lives. Pew estimates that 67 percent of black dads who don’t live with their kids see them at least once a month, compared to 59 percent of white dads and just 32 percent of Hispanic dads. And there’s compelling evidence that number of black dads living apart from their kids stems from structural systems of inequality and poverty, not the unfounded assumption that African-American men somehow place less value on parenting. Equal numbers of black dads and white dads tend to agree that it’s important to be a father who provides emotional support, discipline, and moral guidance. There’s one area of divergence in the way the two groups approach their parental responsibilities: Black dads are even more likely to think it’s important to financially provide for their children.

So, of course, parents should be involved in the lives of their children. Of course they should help guide them, give them a sense of morality, goals and direction. But that doesn’t require that the father necessarily be married to the mother. People like Donald Trump have certainly made that obvious. The nuclear family myth has long ago been blown into small dust-like bits. Many of us live in extended and blended house-holds within which we’ve all learned to adapt, and function and even thrive. Perhaps it’s time we stopped flogging the simplistic notion that all that truly plagues the black community is a lack of weddings.

So I’m sorry, moderated commenter, but you’re racism is wrong… and you’re still racist.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m congested and my nose is itchy and runny… and my fexofenadine ain’t doin’ shit tgo stop it. And I have work tomorrow.

So goodnight…


  1. A. Noyd says

    Where’s the proof that Lahren actually is pro-choice and not just calling herself that? She seems like the sort to tack on a “but” followed by all manner of things that are actually anti-choice.

  2. says

    White on white crime is just as bad as black on black crime. No seriously. They’re damn-near equal.

    I hope I don’t get blocked for this, but I think you’re wrong here. You’re correct to say that the raw numbers are similar, but you’re not taking into account the fact that there are roughly 5 times as many white people as there are black people in the United States. Which means that, if white-on-white crime occurred at the same rate as black-on-black crime, you’d expect to see 5 times as many white-on-white murders as black-on-black murders.

    To put it in another context, it’s a bit like saying suicide in the straight community is “just as bad” as suicide in the trans community. There are probably more straight suicides than trans suicides, but trans people are at a significantly higher risk for suicide.

    None of this is to say that black people are “worse” because they have higher crime rates. Nor is it to say that black people have some genetic component that makes them commit more crime. Crime is a greater issue in the black community because of a cycle of poverty caused by centuries of racism and racist policies.

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