Self Care – Is It Worth It? $1 Donut vs $100 Donut

Raises an interesting question, though… is it really okay to ingest that much gold?

I googled it, and found out that yes, it’s fine. Gold isn’t edible, exactly, but it won’t harm you. You’ll just… you’ll basically just poop gold. Your body won’t get anything from it, so it doesn’t digest. It just… comes out the other end.

Of course I also found discussions about class, wealth, opulence, and so on, but this is a self care post, so not really the space for that sort of discussion (although the discussion is absolutely legitimate, and I personally find the idea of eating gold rather tasteless).

I have to admit… if somebody else bought it for me (regardless of whether or not I could actually afford it), I wouldn’t mind trying that last donut. That said, though I didn’t get to taste any of these, I’m gonna have to go with Blinkie’s, too. The second one honestly didn’t sound that appetizing to me personally (though I actually wouldn’t mind trying it), and while the third one did indeed look and sound good, I’m willing to bet that it’d be just as good, and way cheaper, without the gold.


  1. ShowMetheData says

    I am typing this before watching the video
    If it’s more than a dollar, it’s really not a donut.
    I am interested in the mid-range donut -- will it add too much and stop being a donut? If you’re just adding stuff, then you’re not cooking, your creating an inside-out pizza-pocket.

    Before watching the video
    $1.00 -- is a donut
    Moderate-price -- is a not likely a donut
    $100.00 -- is NOT a donut

    The mid-price brioche donut was the most interesting. It was still a donut but they added saltiness and texture to it. The donut chef had to add those extra layers of flavour. There is a different level of donut that can be experienced while remaining a donut.

    But $100 !donut -- ya, ah, NO Too Marie Antoinette to remain an actual donut.

  2. says

    Gold leaf is amazingly fine -- you can get quite a lot of it for not very much. When you see something gold and overpriced, it’s usually someone who hasn’t played with gold leaf before.

  3. says

    They said something like $50 a sheet… or book… or something like that. I can’t imagine that that much pure gold leaf (minus the copper) would be that cheap…

  4. says

    The stuff I use is $14 for 100 sheets of 2x2″ leaf. So there’s probably $.05 worth of gold on a donut.
    Gold leaf is fun stuff!! I used to float a sheet of silver leaf over the top of a shotglass of margarita..

    (search gold leaf on

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