Repost! “God’s Chosen People? The Useful Lie of the Christian Zionist Movement”

I was supposed to do this four days ago but, apparently, my brain doesn’t do a very good job of putting the short term stuff to the long term area… I’m really sorry, Joe! Um… better… late than never?



Joe Sands wrote this pretty awesome takedown of the Christian Zionist movement, and I’m gonna need more people to read it. I’ll give you the first few paragraphs then send you on your way to Joe’s blog to read the rest:


I received a dire plea in the mail from Mike Evans’ organization, The Jerusalem Prayer Team. In that money begging mailer, Mike asked for donations of $30 – $100 or more. The $30 level would give you the ‘Bible Promise Box,’ a relic of the 1980’s, where you picked out a card for every day of the year, and the contents of that card would be a Bible verse, promising you goats and land or something. The $100 level would give you a book, written by Evans.

Evans is a master of hyperbolic and overly-simplistic fearmongering.

Today, Israel stands squarely in the crosshairs of evil and determined enemies want nothing more than to finish the job Hitler started more than seven decades ago.

Really? First of all, the reasons Hitler hated the Jews were much different than the reasons the Middle East is a religious and cultural powder keg. To compare the two as substantively similar is to be intellectually dishonest. The only similarity is that the focus of ire is the Jewish people. Even that is a simplification. In many ways, the conflict over Israel, and Jerusalem specifically, has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with the historical bitterness of both sides, the representative Israeli government having committed the majority of the atrocities against the Palestinian people, as well as those surrounding their borders. The co-opting of the Jewish religion to bolster their rights to the land is simply the most effective conduit for convincing their citizenry and the nation’s allies that their actions are not only proper, but have an holy implication. Thus, to come against the Israeli government is synonymous with rejection or hatred of the Jewish god, and by default, the Christian god.

And that’s where the Christian Zionist movement plays their pretentious hand. They feign love for the Jewish people, claiming God chose them as his own in the Old Testament, which is true, and then turn around and use the money their supporters give them to bolster both the protection of Christian holy sites (including the whole of Jerusalem), as well as working to “save” the Jewish people, introducing them to the Christian god and his son, Jesus Christ.


Now get to Joe’s blog and read the whole thing! It’s worth it… seriously…


  1. StevoR says

    I’ve said it there. I’ll say it here :

    Please can we not demonise and scapegoat Israel; one side in a very hotly contested and arguable complicated debate please? It just ain’t that simple. They are folks like you and have a good case too.

  2. says

    Please can we not use supernatural and domestic animal non-literalisms; one side in a very hotly contested and arguable complicated debate please? It just ain’t that simple. They are folks like you and can’t read your mind.

    Seriously StevoR, there is more than one thing up there and I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure out what you think the demonization and scapegoating specifically is. I learn things when people outline their objections, not when they replace them with phantasms and farm animals.

  3. says

    A few years ago JCPenney hired Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson, and this caused outrage by groups such as One Million Moms who demanded that the store be “neutral in the culture war”. Neutrality for them meant never hiring someone who is gay, even though the at no point in her job would Ellen Degeneres be trying to sell JCPenney shoppers on the joys of lesbianism.

    I bring this up, StevoR, because I get the feeling that what you’d prefer is no criticism of Israel unless it comes from an ardent Israel supporter such as yourself where it can be properly set against the whole “EVERYONE WANTS THEM DEAD” backdrop that excuses any faults.

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