Bleecker Street Fair.

Once upon a time, I ran kicking and screaming from the Philly ‘burbs to New York City. Once I got here, I felt like a kid in a candy store. A really fucking great candy store. One that has fantastic toys too. (Also: shoes.) There were, and still are, too many charms and treats to enumerate in a blog post, but a New York summer street fair is definitely near the top of that list.

Some street fairs have specific themes (like food, or art) but my favorites are the more eclectic affairs that feature local artisans and collectors. Sometimes the artisans run the booths, tents and kiosks themselves, and engage potential customers in interesting conversations about their work. It’s like shopping at the ultimate Anti-Mall: there is little on offer here that one can find in a retail chain store. (I often start my winter holiday shopping in July at city street fairs.)

I unexpectedly stumbled into a street fair in my neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. I had very little time, so unfortunately I could only walk about half the length of it. But I wanted to try and capture the experience in photos. For you.


Bleecker Street
between 11th and Bank Streets
July 15, 2017

[NOTE: any unobscured face visible in this post is published with the express permission of said face’s owner. All rights reserved.]

Vintage Prints
of Magazines, Music Posters & Maps

Lovely Creator With Her Colored Glass Earrings

Hand Painted Pottery

Buddhapunk (Whatever That Is)
With Three Presumed Buddhapunks + Dog

HANAMI Real Flower Jewelry (1/4)
“Hey Let’s Go See If It’s Pretty”

HANAMI Real Flower Jewelry (2/4)
“Oooh Look At It Look At It Look At It”

HANAMI Real Flower Jewelry (3/4)
“Why Yes, Yes It IS Pretty”

HANAMI Real Flower Jewelry (4/4)

Hemp Clothing and Accessories
+ My New BFF Alisha

My New BFF Alisha, Long-Time West Village Denizen
and Knowledgeable New York City Historian

Don’t Worry! There Are Plenty Of…Whatever These Are

Food Truck Culture Is A Thing

Uncle Louie G’s Italian Ice Truck
Makes Me Bitter That None Of My Own Italian Relatives
Ever Went Into the Food Truck Business

Okay Now You’re Just Making Shit Up
But It’s All Right Because It’s Probably
Fucking Delicious

And now, my friends, we come to the cruelest street fair vendors of them all. I refer, of course, to the evil purveyors of children’s apparel. These remorseless motherfuckers display and sell the most incredible clothing, shoes and accessories—but ONLY in sizes for humans under the age of about 3.


I Like Big Bugs And I Cannot Lie
But I Like Them On Adult Sizes

Insidious Bug People Who Obviously Hate Me

Yes That’s A Mannequin
And It Totally Freaked Me Out Too
Have You No Mercy

Handcrafted Reversible Dresses


Clothes My Size Are Not Even Close
Clearly This Is A Grave Injustice

Nearby Entrepreneurial Neighbor
Takes Advantage Of Foot Traffic
With Stoop Sale

Ice Cream Truck
Takes Advantage Of Foot Traffic
By Parking Right Outside The Street Fair Barricade

Children With Fabulous Wardrobes Play In Sprinkler
At Abingdon Square Playground
While Sex-Positive Iris Is VERY Concerned
That Those Steel Metal Hoops Chained To That Bar
Are Obviously WAY Too Adult
For Kids Who Would Fit Into The Children’s Clothes
Sold At Street Fairs


Iris’s Shadow
Southeast Corner of Perry & Bleecker Streets
with Headphone Cable, Purple Pedicure, Smashed Glass Pane
and Bagged Trash.

Have a nice day.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    That looks absolutely lovely!
    That bug guy had an adult sized shirt…