Your liberal media: climate change denier edition.

Wasn’t I juuuuuuuust joking about The New York Times being all confused and thinking it is owned by Rupert Murdoch? HAHA I AM SO FUNNY AMIRITE.

Well. Joke’s on me.

After hyping itself as antidote to fake news, New York Times hires extreme climate denier

The New York Times — which advertises itself as a defender of truth in the Trump era — just hired an extreme denier of climate science as a columnist.

Bret Stephens was most recently deputy editorial page editor for Rupert Murdoch’s deeply conservative and climate-denying Wall Street Journal, where, in 2015, he wrote that climate change — along with hunger in America, campus rape statistics, and institutionalized racism— are “imaginary enemies.” He will now take those views to the New York Times.

Stephens is unusually extreme and divisive even for a climate science denier, also comparing scientists and those who accept their findings to Stalinists, anti-semites, and communists.

I see now how I was mistaken. I should have “joked” that the Times thinks it’s owned by Breitbart. Or maybe Alex Jones?

Media Matters has more.


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