I’m trying to be productive today! UPDATED.

I’m afraid there are not enough recreational chemicals in the world to get me through today without tears and rage—to say nothing of the next four (eight?) years. But look! I made this.


I’m working on some other #notmypresident designs too. Sort of. Half-assedly. If you have a specific request I’ll design something for you, too.

*flags bartender*

*orders another*

Be well my friends.





  1. says

    I really, really like those, and I’d like to own one, but I have done business with zazzle exactly one time, to get a T-shirt with Marty Two Bulls work on it, and I swore I would never go near them again. I bought that damn shirt months ago, in October or early November, I think. Zazzle makes professional spammers look non-intrusive. The first month, upwards to 10 fucking emails a day, every. single. day. Finally, the number dropped, to about 6 a day. Then 4 a day. I’m still getting around 1 to 3 emails a day.

    I blacklisted them, and put them on an auto-bounce. They kept sending. After the emails bounced enough, they started sending from a different email address. Blacklisted and bounced that one. I just got done blacklisting and bouncing the 4th email address yesterday.

    I really love your stuff, and I’d be happy to buy it, but I won’t do business with zazzle.