LOL of the Day.

Via Washington Post:

An Israeli start-up says it can take one look at a person’s face and realize character traits that are undetectable to the human eye…The company said its technology also can be used to identify everything from great poker players to extroverts, pedophiles, geniuses and white collar-criminals. ‘We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. ‘Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face.'”

Ahh, it all makes so much sense now. DNA is why German Caucasians are so prone to committing genocide. And things like poverty, lead exposure, parenting practices and trauma have so little impact on individual behavior.


Faception said it’s already signed a contract with a homeland security agency to help identify terrorists.

Ooh! Ooh! Lemme guess: ethically Arab males look an awful lot like terrorists. Because DNA. Hey, it’s not profiling! It’s a completely objective algorithm! COMPUTERS!11!!!

I am sure this amazing technology can detect leftists, too. So be careful out there!


  1. Siobhan says

    It’s a completely objective algorithm!

    Written by completely objective blokes. /snark

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Let’s feed that software the images of contemporary politicians and see what comes back.

    Of course, finding a few for a control group who aren’t cold-blooded psychopaths may present a challenge.

  3. rq says

    I used to have this thing with a friend of mine where she’d send me a photo of her latest crush and I’d tell her their character (good and bad). I must have been good, because more than half of them ended up being assholes, just like I predicted.
    I should probably apply to this company as a consultant. *listens for the millions rolling in*

  4. dianne says

    Let’s see some actual data from double blind controlled studies before making this kind of rash claim.

  5. dianne says

    Something tells me this software can only detect personality traits when you tell it what trait it will find in a given person.

  6. thebookofdave says

    Sounds promising. We should turn it loose on white males at schools and workplaces to catch the next mass shooter, and in youth ministries to spot the pedophiles. Next stop: Wall Street and the Pentagon, for a crackdown on securities and contractor fraud. We can even bring in other proven methods of detecting criminals, such as K-9 units.

  7. StevoR says

    Not just Semite males. Sadly probably human nature going back to Neandertal or Australopithecine times and before. Not that that excuses anyone and we are, I think and hope gradually learning better and mastering that worst part of our natures. Maybe?