It’s Time To Name And Shame: Visit

Convoy Traitors is a new website created by an IT specialist in Ottawa. He’s the hero we need right now, trying to stop the clowns and he’s not in it for the money.

He decided the best way to fight back was to name the commercial companies whose trucks were in the convoy. The trucks are on public streets, and the clowns claim to be “proud”, so there’s no violation of privacy.  From the website:

Site Mission

Our mission is to document and shame every business that is identified as being involved in the 2022 Truckers Convoy occupation of Ottawa. This includes truckers, supporting businesses, hotels, and restaurants. By naming and tagging we hope to ensure that any future internet searches reveals the true nature of these businesses.

Note: I will only be posting clear photos where I can verify the business name and relative location. Close-ups, blurry shots, or shots outside of Ottawa are not posted.

Asking the internet to do anything is like trying to herd cats, but please don’t assume that because a company was represented at the protest that they condoned the actions of their drivers. Many truckers are owner/operators, working under contract for a parent company. Companies, you should be more careful about who associates with your business name.

Some of the trucks are being used with the business owners’ permission, and they are facing potential loss of business.  Other trucks are being used without permission, and employers and business owners are beginning to take action (firings, criminal charges).

The OPP and Racist Corrupt Misogynistic Pricks (RCMP) should have treated those in the “convoy” the same way they treated peaceful First Nations protesters at the illegally constructed pipeline.  But they didn’t and the won’t because cops are inherently racist.

Truckers misrepresenting employers by joining Ottawa protest, companies say

Daniel Miousse was shocked to see a photo of one of his company vehicles among the truck convoy protesters in downtown Ottawa, which was recently posted online.

Miousse, who owns an industrial fence company near Montreal, said he had no idea the pickup truck or his employee were in the nation’s capital. 

“One of our employees took our truck since, I think, last Wednesday,” said Miousse, who is currently in Florida. “I was very upset. So I sent four people Sunday morning to get our truck back.” 

He said he plans to fire the worker.

“I need to see him and ask him some questions. Why he didn’t ask anybody in the company?” said Miousse.

Unsurprisingly, fascistbook says the Convoy Traitors website “violates community standards”.  Yeah, right.  Fascistbook’s only standards are double standards.


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    Apologies for the OT comment, but today’s WaPo has an opinion piece by someone named Diana Nyad, “the only person ever to swim unaided from Cuba to Florida,” repeating the standard fearmongering horsemuffins about how transwomen athletes are blowing ciswomen out of sports forever (with one, count it, one, example, and zero count ’em zero attempt to put it in any larger perspective, or even say how many transwomen athletes there are). I thought you might want to have a look.

  2. says

    She sure is selective. The one example she cites is a transwoman who, she says, turned out to be faster than every college-level cis-woman swimmer ever. If true, she’s not a representative sample of transwoman athletes. Seriously, how many college cis-male swimmers are faster than all cis-woman swimmers?

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    Oh wait, according to the article YOU cited, Nyad was wrong about Lia Thomas:

    In referencing Thomas, Nyad writes that the Penn senior “swam faster than any female college swimmer in history.” That statement is inaccurate, although Thomas does own the fastest times in the country in the 200 and 500-yard freestyle.

    Oopsie…like someone else said, if liars’ pants really did catch on fire, watching the news would be a lot more fun.

  4. jrkrideau says

    Minor note. We had a ‘Truckers” demo in my Ontario town (pop ~ 150k) today. No “trucks’, lots of horns –reminded me of a wedding– and pretty well everyone just ignoring the crap. Maybe 50 vehicles, no bicycles.

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    The OPP and Racist Corrupt Misogynistic Pricks (RCMP) should have treated those in the “convoy” the same way they treated peaceful First Nations protesters at the illegally constructed pipeline.

    Strong disagree here. Have you watched the videos Beau of the Fifth Column put out about this? In a nutshell, what the government did in this case is ‘by the playbook’, let them burn out and look stupid.

    The double standard is real, of course, and it’s because this convoy doesn’t really want anything to change, they are screaming for status quo. The water defenders are demanding real changes, that’s a lot scarier; combine that with “cops are inherently racist” which is definitely true, and you have: what the cops are doing now is about right, what the cops do THEN is incredibly over-the-top racist violence.

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    The problem with “let them burn out and look stupid” is that they never really burn out — they just get bolder because they learn that no one is willing to crack down on them. And the people who have to deal with them also learn that they can’t trust their legitimate governments to restore order or enforce the laws consistently. That’s VERY bad for any democracy.

    Remember Cliven Bundy? The Malheur Wildlife Refuge seizure? Those people didn’t “burn out,” they got bolder, and their movement grew into the very serious threat it is today. Ronald Reagan was a terrible President, but the very least I can say for him is that he didn’t just tell us to “let them burn out and look stupid” when those survivalists and “Freemen” started acting up. The lawmen dealt with them, very few if any Republicans stood up for them, and everyone saw our elected governments doing their job and enforcing law and order. “let them burn out and look stupid” sounds easy and reasonable, but after a point — a point we passed years ago — it just becomes a rationalization for cowardice and capitulation. It’s easy to say “let them burn out and look stupid” when it’s someone else’s neighborhoods and kids being disrupted by undisciplined morons.