Self Aggrandizing: Now I don’t have to hear to that Fleetwood Mac song

An amusing item: On September 3, Swedish band Night Flight Orchestra released their second album, Aeromantic II.  One song on the album is called “How Long”, seen below.

Two months ago, I joined a facebook group that fits my interests: Rhiannons Of The World Unite, a group where everyone is name Rhiannon, Rhianna, Rhea, or some variation of the name.  It’s very fun and very friendly.

Many in the group were named Rhiannon because of the Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac song.  That’s not why I chose it; I attended high school with someone who had the name.  I always liked how the name looked and sounded and its meaning, and it suits my UK ancestry.  She and I both graduated in 1985, which means she had the name a decade before the song came out.

Night Flight Orchestra’s song “How Long” contains the name (unrelated to Ace’s “How Long” from 1974).  Now I don’t have to hear that Fleetwood Mac song anymore, I can point people to this one.  There are only two Fleetwood Mac related songs that I like: Judas Priest’s cover of “Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)”, and Walter Egan’s “Magnet And Steel”.  Egan had a crush on Nicks (the song is about her), and Lindsay Buckingham played guitar on the song.

How long, Rhiannon, until the morning comes?

How long, Rhiannon?

I don’t know if I will ever face the light again

How long?

Bring whatever that can help me through the night

It’s nice to have a good song with your own name in it.  I have a friend named Shannon, and the only song I know of is that putrid Henry Gross song.