Half Measures: Now what about the false arrests and convictions?

California’s senate has passed a bill that will ban the torture and abuse of wrongly placing Transgender women in men’s prisons.  It is highly likely governor Gavin Newsom will sign it and become law.

This is barely a start, not the end of the problem.  Now what about corrupt cops harassing Transgender people?  What about false charges?  What about false accusations being believed by cops (the attacker accusing the Transgender person they were attacking)?  What about biased judges who impose their bigotry upon their jobs?  What about false convictions and false imprisonment?  And what about legalizing sex work for the few who earn their living?  What about cops who falsely accuse Transgender women of “prostitution” because they were carrying condoms?  There is so much more that needs to be done.

California Passes Historic Bill Ending Incarceration of Trans Women in Men’s Prisons

Senate Bill 132 is headed to the desk of California Gov. Gavin Newsom after passing the state legislature on Sunday.

The bill’s author, State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), celebrated its passage following a two-year effort to enact the proposal. He noted that trans female inmates are “at severe risk of assault and sexual victimization because they’re automatically housed by their birth-assigned sex,” especially transgender women of color, and said this vulnerable population should be “housed where they’re safest.”

Transgender people should not be forced into isolation because they aren’t protected where they are forced to live,” he said in a statement. “They should be able live by their gender, and SB 132 will allow for that outcome.”

TERFs will undoubtedly be upset.  They want Transgender women housed with men because they want harassment, assaults, rapes, and murders to happen.  If their actual goal were “protecting biological womyn!” they would be advocating Transgender-only wings in jails and prisons.

But they don’t.  They demand placing Transgender women in with predators because they know what will happen.